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Christmas Menu 2018
18 December 2018

All our cooks have been busy in Wokingham cooking and serving numerous Christmas dinners. In one of our sites our cook made a beautiful Shortbread Christmas tree....

Christmas Dinners 2018
10 December 2018

Wokingham schools Christmas dinners,The photo is the team at Addington School in Woodley.

Christmas Menu 2018
01 December 2018

Wokingham Schools Christmas Menu is available to all schools.Attached is our Christmas menu which will be in schools from the 1st December 2018

Mexican Kitchen
16 November 2018

The Forest Boys offered students a Mexican inspired menu. On the Menu ... Nachos,Salsa,Spicy Chicken,Mexican beans & Chilli Chocolate Bean Muffins Kevin and Emma in the photo attached getting into the Mexican theme...

SCOTY School Cook of The Year 2018
01 November 2018

The inspiration behind my dish was simply to provide 2 dishes that are full of flavour, fully compliant to school food standards & are healthy. Kelly Millns Cook Supervisor at Shinfild Infant School has gone through to SCOTY regional final which will take place at the end of November.Kelly Says... The main uses MSC fish, noodles & locally sourced organic vegetables which we hope will be another way of encouraging children to eat more fish in addition to the Friday ‘Fish day’. The dessert is fully compliant to the 2020 sugar reduction guidelines and the cake & the custard combined come in under 6.5g sugar per portion, We believe that even though as caterers we have 2 years – let’s start now & make a difference.. Good luck Kelly..

Bonfire Night Menu
31 October 2018

Caterlink are offering the schools a change to the menu with the choice of a Bonfire Menu. On the Menu Boom Chicken Burger,BBQ beans and lots of other sparkly choices...

Shinfield Infant Taster Session
30 October 2018

Shinfield Infants invited Caterlink to do a Taster Session . On the menu where items from the Spring menu 2019. Macaroni Cheese,Apricot Tagine & different flavoured bread where on offer.This was also a good opportunity for parents to meet Kelly the new School Cook supervisor.

The Forest Boys National Curry Week
15 October 2018

The Forest Boys School in Winnersh had a change to their regular menu and was offered a discovery Menu to incorporate National Curry Week. Students had a Delicious choice of Chicken Tikka or Sweet Potato & Spinach Curry served with Chicken Samosa,Garlic Naan and Turmeric Rice....

Harvest Menu
27 September 2018

This Autumn we are offering a change to the standard menu. this will be a harvest Menu .These menu are great way to introduce students to different foods and destinations.

Healthy Eating Assembly Addington
25 September 2018

Caterlink where invited to Addington School in Woodley to hold a Healthy Eating Assembly.Students and staff learnt about our Caterlink menu,eating a well balanced diet and why.We had a lot of students asking questions about their school menu and why they had to have vegetables.Students also gave us a lot of suggestions as to what they like to eat and what they would like to see on the menu.

Caterlink Primary Yoghurt Station
10 September 2018

Caterlink Primary Yoghurt Station To keep with innovations, we have designed a yoghurt station to support the promotion of low sugar desserts and also add an element of choice of flavours to the pupils we feed. Students really enjoyed their new yoghurt station...

LACA 2018
12 July 2018

LACA finishing Touches is a annual competition for anyone in the school meal business for them to showcase that they can do more than cook a delicious lunch.We have great staff within our schools which have hidden talents.This year Caterlink Wokingham entered four team members,and all four team members came back with awards.Well done to Anita,Kate,Kevin and Lynn. The attached photo is Lynn Willougbys special diet cake which received a silver ... well done to all.

Bear Hunt Menu
01 July 2018

Caterlink schools have a choice to change their menu to the Bear hunt Menu in July. Some schools have changed to this menu so students can have this on the school field.

Football Fever
01 July 2018

World Cup fever has reached schools in Wokingham. World Cup menu with foods from around the world. Running along side this menu will be a world cup competition ,how many goals will be scored during the World Cup ?

Sonning Healthy Eating Assembly
26 June 2018

Sonning Primary School students all sat and listen to Jamie White deliver a healthy Eating assembly. Students learnt about food,vitamins and whats healthy for them to eat.Great Assembly and the students really got involved . Thank you Jamie.

Keephatch Primary School sports day
22 June 2018

Caterlink had the pleasure of joining Keephatch Primary School for their annual sports day with a taster session and a visit from Jojoe Caterlinks mascot.really good day and lots of parents and students tasting the lovely food. Well done to all on a very very hot day.

Sonning new parents evening
13 June 2018

Caterlink were invited in by Sonning Primary school for their new parents meeting.Cooks Lynn and Julie did a beautiful display of our Summer Menu. We had great positive feedback with parents not realising how good of quality the food is with a carried meal. Well done ladies.

Crazies Hill Taster Session
22 May 2018

Parents and students were invited to a taster session at Crazies Hill. Michelle served delicious samples of the Caterlink Summer Menu. Great turn out and some great positive comments. Well done Michelle.

Royal Wedding Menu
18 May 2018

Schools around Wokingham had a choice of a Royal Wedding themed menu. Schools had picnics on the fields to celebrate this Royal wedding. Students and Staff enjoyed the change to their usual menu.

Early St Peters Taster Session
03 May 2018

New Cook Rhona invited parents and students to a taster session. We had a great turn out,and a lot of questions asked. Well done Rhona Cook supervisor & Sue for putting on a delicious display of food.

St Georges Day The Forest Boys
23 April 2018

The Forest Boys school in Winnersh where treated to a St Georges day menu . On the menu was traditional Steak & Onion Pie ,Sausage toad in the hole and to follow Golden syrup sponge served with vanilla custard.

Summer term new Menu
16 April 2018

As the weather changes so does our menu. We now are into the Summer term .The new menu has some old classics and new classics. We will also be offering our new packed lunch menu.

Easter Menu 2018
28 March 2018

This week in Wokingham the schools will be having a Easter Menu with a Easter Egg hunt.

Southlake Taster Session
06 March 2018

Southlake school parents where invited in by Caterlink for a taster session and to also introduce new Cook Supervisor Louisa to students and Parents. We had a great turn out and positive feed back. One comment was. Delicious....

whats on my plate
28 February 2018

What is on my plate is our new flyer of what we have on offer.

Perfect Pancakes
15 February 2018

The Forest Boys, served delicious perfect pancakes for students and teachers.

National Pie Day
06 February 2018

Student in our Wokingham Schools where treated to a change of menu for National Pie Day. On the menu where classic pie dishes. Delicious Turkey and leek Pie or Creamy Vegetable Pie followed by Apple Pie served with Custard

Spring Menu
21 January 2018

We are now into our Spring Menu, The students are enjoying the new menu. We have had positive feedback from various schools.

Christmas 2017
01 January 2018

This is a selection of the fantastic gingerbread houses that where made on site by our school cooks. students wanted to take them home. Well done ladies.

The Forest Boys Christmas 2017
13 December 2017

Kevin, Emma and the team cooked and served a delicious Christmas Dinner for the students and staff at The Forest Boys.

Gingerbread House
13 December 2017

Schools in Wokingham where treated to beautiful displays of Gingerbread Houses. Helen cook supervisor at Woodley COV created this fantastic house.

Christmas Menu 2017
01 December 2017

Hillside ,Winnersh & Aldington Schools started the Christmas Meals off in the first week of December. All students enjoyed their Christmas dinner and so did the kitchen teams.

Shinfield Infant Taster Session
14 November 2017

Caterlink was invited to hold a taster session at Shinfield Infant. The team are Tracy ,Sam, Julie Ann & Stacey. This was a great success again. Tracy cooked items from the standard menu which parents, students and teachers all enjoy.

British Food Fortnight
13 November 2017

Students at The Forest Boys enjoyed Bangers and Mash, Mixed Vegetables ,Onion Gravy followed by Jam Roly Poly. More to follow...

Support Managers
12 November 2017

Within Wokingham Caterlink we look after over 5o schools. Sam Murray, Kate Sandon and Andrew Mckie are the Support Managers for caterlink Wokingham

Willowbank Schools taster session
07 November 2017

Willowbank Schools invited Caterlink to do their yearly taster session .Kelly and Carly enjoyed serving parents, students and teachers a variety of food from our standard menu .

Italian Day Wokingham Schools
06 November 2017

Wokingham schools had the opportunity to change their menu to one of the destination day menus. Italian Day was our destination menu. Oaklands Infant choose this menu. Students where delighted to experience different foods from a different destination. Great day and students thought this was great.

The Forest Boys Bonfire Menu
31 October 2017

The Forest Boys in Wokingham Delighted students with a Bonfire Night Menu, Sausage Mummy Dippers served with witches cauldron (Spicy Tomato dip ) Goulmash, and lots of other exciting gruelling foods. Great Menu and students loved it

St Sebastian taster session
13 October 2017

St Sebastian invited Caterlink to hold a taster session. Parents ,student and staff tasted Macaroni cheese, Cajun chicken ,Chocolate and beetroot brownie followed by two variety of homemade bread. These sessions of very useful and give parents an opportunity to try food of the caterlink menu. The meal is produced in a mother kitchen and delivered to St Sebastian.

Pupils choice Menu
05 October 2017

Caterlink schools where offered a change to their menu on Censor day. Sausage in a roll with sautéed onions, served with Jacket wedges and salad followed with Chocolate mandarin sponge with chocolate sauce. This was enjoyed by all including the staff.

National Curry Week
30 September 2017

The Forest Boys cooked up a feast in line with National curry week. Delicious Chicken Curry served with Basmati Rice, Bombay potatoes and homemade Naan bread. Also on offer was Goolab Jamoon Indian spiced pudding...

Teddys Bears Picnic Menu
18 July 2017

Caterlink offered a Teddy Bear Picnic lunch to students in Wokingham, A few schools chose this menu for there sports day lunch. On the menu was Hot sausage in a roll, Vegetarian Sausage, Potato Waffle, Sunshine Salad followed by a delicious strawberry ice-cream cone.

Wimbledon Menu
11 July 2017

To get into the spirit of Wimbledon we offered students a Wimbledon Menu, On the menu was Chicken and Leek Slice, Summer Risotto, Mixed Salad, Sweet corn and Strawberry Jelly. We also ran a Wimbledon Word search. Students did love the menu and made a racket !!!

Parents Forum Shinfield Infants
21 June 2017

Shinfield Infants held a parents forum for new students for September. We had lots of parents asking about school meals, Quality ,quantity and whats on offer. This was a very useful meeting for the new parents.

Indian Summer Menu The Forest Boys
20 June 2017

The Forest Boys Secondary School where treated to a special Indian summer menu. The students love having the special menus and enjoyed the eastern flavours. On the menu was Chicken Korma,Indian spiced rice, Bombay Potatoes and a called fruit smoothie to cool down the palate.

Westende Taster Session
16 June 2017

Westende invited us to a Taster session .New cooks Caroline and Jayne cooked Chicken Chow Mein Macaroni cheese and Carrot and Courgette cake. We had very good feedback One Comment from a parent was Great food my daughter has not had school dinners for a while but will be having them on Monday Thank you

Shinfield Infants Afternoon Tea.
06 May 2017

Caterlink were invited to host an afternoon tea at shinfield infant school to celebrate 300 years od the school building. Photo is a selection of the beautiful cakes made.

Shinfield Infants Afternoon Tea
06 May 2017

More photos of a fantastic day. Two lovely visitors at Shinfield Infants. Enjoying a delicious Cup of tea and a slice of chocolate cake.

Oaklland Junior Red Nose Day Pizza
27 April 2017

Back in March we organised a Red Nose Pizza completion , where student could design a pizza. Oakland Juniors ran this completion and the winning pizza design was chosen and put on the school menu. Well done winners...Delicious...

Hatchride Taster Session
28 March 2017

On Tuesday 28th March Caterlink were invited to Hatchride school to showcase what is on offer for a school lunch. Chelsea School Cook and Assistant Claire cooked up a variety of food for parents to sample. One comment from a student was " im going to have school dinners more often "Parents and student enjoyed Macaroni Cheese & Chicken Pie.

Wokingham schools Comic Relief
24 March 2017

Wokingham Schools have a change to their menu today . Comic Relief 24th March 2017 Menu attached. We are also running a competition for students to design a pizza and each school will choose a winner and the prize is your design on the school menu. Have fun....

Comic Relief Gorseride Juniors
24 March 2017

24th March Caterlink offered a Comic relief Menu. Gorsesride Juniors had the menu change. The kitchen team went all out and designed their own Pizza and cookies. Well done Ladies.

Woodley Tster Session
23 March 2017

Woodley School held their parents afternoon and Caterlink were invited to do a taster session to showcase what we offer to students. On the menu was Beef Goulash, Macaroni Cheese ,Two different types of bread and iced Sponge. This was a great afternoon. Attached is a photo of Helen new School Cook and Amanda new Assistant Cook. One comment from a parent was " Delicious "

JoeJo Polehampton Juniors
21 March 2017

JoeJo Caterlinks mascot visited Polehampton Juniors during lunch time ,Students loved having him visit, Not sure who enjoyed it the most the students or School Cooks Tina and Michelle !!!!

Shinfield Infant Taster Session
20 March 2017

Caterlink hosted a Taster Session at Shinfield Infants . Since October 2016 shinfield infants has been a production kitchen so it was great to invite parents and get them to taste the food that is on offer for their childrens school dinner. We served Beef Cottage Pie Macaroni Cheese Chocolate and Beetroot Brownie Tomato and Herb Bread and Plain Bread One comment was My Daughters favourite is Macaroni Cheese and I can tell why This was a great success and parents would like to have a date to come in for lunch.

The Forest Boys Shrove Tuesday
01 March 2017

The Forest Boys treated students to perfect Pancakes. Various fillings such as Lemon & Sugar , Maple syrup, Fruits of The Forest were served. One student said " You should do this every day "

Job Safari Addington School
23 February 2017

Caterlink where invited to Addington schools Career Fair on February 23rd . Whilst talking about Caterlink at what we can offer as a company, we also held 6 bread making classes. 88 students where taught about bread and made Bread plaits. Email below from Addington School. Thank you for supporting the Job Safari Adventure last week at Addington School. The school has said that it is the best one yet and they have had such positive feedback from the students and teachers

Chinese New Year The Forest Boys
30 January 2017

Chinese New Year was celebrate at The Forest Boys with delicious food .On the menu was Sweet and Sour Quorn served with Special Rice ,Chicken Chow Mein , Sweet Chilli Noodles, Prawn Crackers ...Followed by Banana Fritters .The students enjoy these theme days and so do the Catering team.

Emmbrook Infant & Junior Taster Session
19 January 2017

Emmbrook Schools where treated to a taster session .We showed parents want we offer on a school menu with taster pots. We had a great turn out on this cold wer January afternoon.One parent said " This is a great way to show what you do ,when my son comes home and I ask him what he has had for dinner I get no response.

School Chef of The Year
09 January 2017

Sharon Merrett of The Forest Boys entered into School Chef of The Year during December Sharon had to submit a Menu including recipes Sharon went through to the regional finals Sharon cooked a deconstructed Chicken Pie and a Lemon and Cucumber Cake Although Sharon didnt win Sharon did win an award for her dessert Well done Sharon

Christmas Dinner Polehampton Infant School
14 December 2016

Students and teachers where really spoiled this year School Cook Claire and assistant Clare did us all proud with their beautiful Yule Logs served with cream.... Delicious well done ladies...

Christmas Dinner .Polehampton Juniors
14 December 2016

This was the first Christmas dinner for the new Cooks Tina and Michelle. All students and staff enjoyed a fabulous Christmas dinner and the school said its the best one yet !!! Delicious Yule Logs.. Well done ladies...

Christmas Dinner Highwood School
07 December 2016

School Cook Dee and team joined in the festivities with their Schools annual Christmas dinner. Delicious food and fabulous service...

Ist Christmas Dinner Cooked at Shinfield Infants
07 December 2016

Tracey, Lisa, Julie and Sam the team at Shinfield Infants did brilliant in serving 262 students and staff their Christmas Dinner. This was the first time the meal was cooked on site in their new kitchen. All went smoothly and the team received a huge congratulations on the fantastic food and super service...

Christmas dinners in Wokingham Schools
01 December 2016

Students, Staff and visitors enjoyed Christmas Dinners all around Wokingham from the 1st to the last dinner.... 833 kilos of potatoes,30,000 ml of Gravy, almost 10,000 meals served. All the kitchen teams did fabulous.. on the menu was Traditional Turkey, Stuffing Ball, Chipolata Sausage, Sliced Carrots, Medley of Peas, Crispy Roast Potatoes all followed with a choice of Chocolate log or Fresh Fruit Platter..

Hawthorns Taster Session
17 November 2016

The Hawthorns School parents enjoyed an evening of sampling delicious food from the Autumn Menu. Homemade Garlic & Herb Bread, Cheese & Turmeric Bread....Followed by Vegetable Lasagne & Chicken Tikka....... Parents where very surprised that all of our delicious is made on site by School Cook Supervisor Amanda Cannon

Rivermead Taster Session
10 November 2016

What a better way to show parents and guardians first hand the food their children enjoy daily .Lynn and team do a fabulous job.We had very good positive feedback Our son loves food at school, Thanks for your efforts to make it so good and tasty Keep it up with the fresh products

Shinfield Infants new kitchen
31 October 2016

Shinfield infant student where able to have their meal cooked and served from their new kitchen & hall. Tracy, Lisa, Julie and Sam have been looking forward to this for quite a while and are very exited about their new kitchen.

The Forest Boys Scary Menu
31 October 2016

The Forest Boys where in for a treat on the 31st October ,Grizzly Cakes, Spider Cakes and lots of delicious scary treats. Also Firecracker pizza, Bonfire Beans, Mummy dogs and many other scary items.

The Colleton Primary School Taster Session
06 October 2016

Students and parents where invited to a Taster Session. On the menu was Cottage Pie ,Macaroni Cheese and a selection of home made breads. One parents comment was "My child loves her school meals" This was a fabulous turnout and everyone gave positive feed back.

Harvest Menu
28 September 2016

Our Schools within Wokingham where able to change their menu to welcome Autumn into the school day. The menu was based around seasonal flavours . Students enjoyed Macaroni Moon Bake with Thyme bread and other seasonal choices.

Beechwood Primary School Taster Session
16 September 2016

Beechwood Primary School invited Caterlink to organise a Taster Session for parents and students to come along and taste items that are on the new Autumn Menu. They tasted Beef cottage Pie, Macaroni Cheese, Variety of Different homemade breads and Chocolate & Beetroot Brownie Cake. This taster session was a great success with many Parents and students wanting to have a school lunch. one comment was "This is awesome its better than Waitrose."

Caterlink Wokingham Reward & Recognition 2015 to 2016
11 July 2016

We held our 1st Award Ceremony at Wokingham Borough Council offices. Our team members joined us for afternoon tea which was then followed off with awards. Over 40 staff where nominated over various categories We had 16 Runners up and 8 overall winners. The awards range from Quality - Team player. Everybody deserves a great big thank you for all their hard work and commitment in delivering a fantastic school lunch. The photo I have attached is our Managing Director Neil Fuller with Jayne Callis receiving a team player award.

Caterlink Awards wokingham
11 July 2016

We recently held our Summer awards at Wokingham Council Offices. We had various categories one being trading safely. Heather Annetts Cook Supervisor of Robert Piggott CE Infant School received this award from our Managing Director Neil Fuller

LACA Finishing Touches
06 July 2016

Finishing Touches is an established organisation which enables team members to showcase their culinary talents and for these skills to be judged by the Craft Guild of Chefs against national standards. This year we had three entries, Novelty cake ,Special Diets & Cup Cakes........ We came away with three Bronzes .... So well done to all.

LACA Finishing Touches
06 July 2016

LACA Finishing Touches .. Novelty Cake... Bronze.. Sharon Merrett.. A great cake Well done..

The Queen and King of Hearts do Lunch at Robert Piggott CE Infants.
15 June 2016

Robert Piggott CE Infants in Wargrave had The King and Queen of hearts to serve them Their Queens 90th Birthday meal. School cook Heather dressed to impress ,along with her assistant Daniela. Well done ladies !!!

Queens Birthday Menu Celebrations
10 June 2016

A special menu in honour of the Queens 90th Birthday was available to all schools within the Wokingham Area. The hot lunch was Chicken Supreme Elizabeth, Jewel in the crown Quiche, Potatoes in their robes. Selection of vegetables followed by Victoria Sandwich.We had pack lunches out on the fields, Street parties on the playgrounds. One Comment was. "Great atmosphere Great Menu we should do these special menus more often "

Taster Session Gorseride Junior & Infant Schools
19 May 2016

Gorse ride Juniors hosted a Taster session where parents are invited to taste meals that are produced from the school kitchen. On the menu was Sweet & Sour Chicken with Noodles, Macaroni Cheese ,Garlic Bread, Cheesy Bread ,Chocolate & Beetroot Brownie and a Pear & Ginger Muffin. The event was a great success with a lot of positive feed back from parents. One comment was " Quality has really pleased me ,This was a brilliant suggestion to let us come and sample this fabulous food. "

VE DAY Celebrations
09 May 2016

Students at Highwood Primary School where taken back to World War 2 with their school lunch. Their school lunch for the day was Beef meat balls in onion gravy, Homity pie and a traditional steamed pudding. Students loved being served by the Mine girls.

St Georges
25 April 2016

Students at The Forest Boys School enjoyed a traditional British menu of Beefsteak & Onion pie, Toad in the hole, creamy mash, onion gravy all followed of with Sticky Toffee Apple Cake with Custard........ Delicious........

Chefs Adopt a School Beechwood Primary
19 April 2016

Beechwood School in Woodley had a visit from Sharon Martin Craft Trainer for Wokingham Schools. The children where invited to a Fruit Salad making session .Within the content of our lessons we teach the pupils that not just chefs should have huge respect for the produce we use but also as the pupils of today and the adults of tomorrow. The Pupils are very much exited about their next lesson which is Bread making.

Easter Menu
23 March 2016

We celebrated in the majority of our schools with an Easter inspired menu. Students enjoyed Traditional Roast Chicken ,followed by an Easter shaped biscuit.

The Forest Boys Does Mexican Kitchen
10 March 2016

What is Mexican Kitchen ? The Mexican kitchen has been designed to offer our customers a vibrant,flexible,fast &fun dining option that truly competes with the best on the high street,we have developed the Mexican kitchen beyond the traditional plated meal allowing you to have various and creative combos in three different ways,either hand held as a Burrito,Taco or piled high in a pot.The different combos offer a range of flavour sensations .

JoJoe Crow in Wokingham Schools.
07 March 2016

JoJoe Crow has been in 7 Schools this week encouraging students to eat their lunch. The Children from all Schools love having him in for lunch JoJoe says " Thank you for letting me part of your School Lunch Service "

Taster Session at Polehampton Juniors
29 February 2016

Parents where invited to Polehampton Juniors for a taster session, Parents and Students tasted Dishes from our Spring Menu.One parents comment was " What an improvement School Dinners are I am going to encourage my son to have them more regular."

Quirky Bird At The Forest Boys Secondary School
25 February 2016

Quirky Bird is our version of Nandos,Transforming chicken with a range of tantalising flavours,our exciting new dishes with charm and authenticity which blow any other Chicken dishes out of the water! Theres no clucking around. one comment was "wow" ,Hope this is going to be every week !!!

Chinese New Year The Forest Boys Secondary
08 February 2016

Chinese New Year was celebrated with tempting dishes,Chicken Chow Mein, Sweet Chilli Vegetable Pizza,Hot Hoisin Pork Baguettes and followed with delicious Pineapple & Banana Fritters. One student said We should have this every day.

Burns Day Menu
25 January 2016

Forest Boys School held a "Burns day " special lunch for students.

Woodley Primary School
22 January 2016

Caterlink held a sensory session for pupils at Woodley Primary School. Pupils had to identify where on their tongues they could taste sweet, sour, salty or bitter from different food groups.

The Coombes Primary School - Sensory Activity
14 January 2016

Pupils at Coombes Primary were treated to a session around taste and how important flavours are. Pupils were asked to try a variety of different food groups and highlight where they could taste either sweet, sour, salty or bitter on their tongue.

Christmas Lunch at Forest Boys school
16 December 2015

Our team at Forest Boys school pulled out all the stops to produce a delicious Christmas Lunch for the students at Forest Boys School. This included festive chocolate cake.

Willowbank Infants Christmas Lunch
15 December 2015

The pupils at Willowbank Infants School enjoyed a fantastic Christmas Lunch produced by our Caterlink team on site.

Christmas Lunch at Hawkedon Primary School
14 December 2015

Caterlink provided Christmas Lunch for 600 pupils, both the school and caterlink team joined in the festivities. The lunch looked and tasted fantastic, with praise being given to the Caterlink team on site for a wonderful lunch.

Freshly prepared bread Father Christmas Style
14 December 2015

Rose, our Cook at Gorse Ride Junior School went the extra mile with the Christmas Lunches for her customers by also producing freshly baked bread in the shape of Father Christmas. Well done Rose.

Christmas Yule Logs at Southlake Primary
10 December 2015

Christmas Yule Logs formed part of the Christmas School Lunch for Southlake Primary School. Freshly prepared and cooked on site.

Southlake Primary Christmas Lunch
09 December 2015

Caterlink provided Christmas Lunch for 420 pupils. Our team on site dressed to impress with seasonal hats. The pupils were treated to a traditional fayre with delicious chocolate yule logs for dessert. well done team.

Christmas Lunch at Shinfield Infants
08 December 2015

Caterlink provided Christmas Lunch for 260 pupils at Shinfield Infants. The Caterlink team joined in the Christmas spirit by dressing up to serve the pupils their lunch.

Caterlink Unit Manager receives thank you card from student
07 December 2015

A student at Forest Boys School was so impressed with the service our Unit Manager provides at Forest Boys school that she took the time to send a thank you card with the following comments Sharon is such a lovely dinner lady, she really cares about the kids. She is so friendly and helpful. I think she is fab.

Chefs adopt a school
04 December 2015

Pupils at Beechwood Primary were treated to a session around taste and how important flavours are. Pupils were asked to try a variety of different food groups and highlight where they could taste either sweet, sour, salty or bitter on their tongue.

Taster Session Sonning Primary
17 November 2015

Caterlink held a taster session for parents and pupils at Sonning Primary School. Dishes on offer were Spaghetti Bolognese,Sweet Potato and Chick Pea Curry followed by Chocolate and Beetroot Brownie Cake or Carrot Cake. One parent commented"School Dinners today are great and my children love them"

Hillside Taster Session
07 November 2015

Caterlink held a taster session for new parents and pupils at the schools open day. Feedback received from parents was very positive, “ A brilliant opportunity to see how school dinners have changed – I wish I was at school again!”, “really surprised – excellent!”

Hawkedon Priimary Host school convention
05 November 2015

Caterlink provided a working lunch for 230 delegates from neighbouring schools on Thursday 5th November. Sylvia Allen - School Business Manager quoted "I have had so many great comments regarding the variety and quality of the buffet,In particular people commented on the variety of vegetarian food available.

Halloween Treats
23 October 2015

The Caterlink team at Forest Boys School provided tasty treats for Halloween. Students were able to choose from a variety of dishes with service counters dressed in spiders webs and ghoslty ghouls.

Lambs Lane Primary Taster Session
20 October 2015

Caterlink held a taster session for both pupils and parents to come and try dishes from our current menu, these included Spaghetti Bolognese, Lentil and Sweet Potato Curry followed by Eves Pudding and Chocolate Brownie. JoJo Crow was also on hand to encourage pupils to try the dishes. Feedback from our customers was very positive.

Curry Week at Forest Boys School
12 October 2015

The students at Forest Boys school were able to choose from a range of delicious dishes including Chicken Tikka Masala, Yellow Pea Rice.Lamb and Spinach Biryani or Sweet Potato Pepper Korma. Curry Week proved a very popular theme, please look out for other events coming soon on the school website.

New salad bar at Hawkedon Primary
09 October 2015

Pupils at Hawkedon Primary can now choose dishes from a salad bar each day to compliment their lunch choice. The salad bar has proved really popular with our pupils at Hawkedon Primary School.

National Cookie Day
22 September 2015

National Cookie Day will be available in schools on Thursday 22nd October as part of the daily lunch menu. Please check with your school if they are participating. American Cookies will be an option to the daily dessert.

New Kitchen Pod for Hatchride Primary School
05 September 2015

School Meals at Hatchride Primary School are now being produced and cooked daily on site all thanks to the new kitchen pod provided by Wokingham Borough Council. School meals have just got even better! The Caterlink team lead by Chelsea Tippett, school cook, are really excited about being able to produce meals on site for their pupils.

Beechwood Primary Garden Project
22 July 2015

Beechwood Primary School were donated £500.00 from Caterlink Garden Project last year, the vegetable patch is now full of seasonal vegetables ready to be harvested.

Caterlink team members triumph again at LACA awards
10 July 2015

Congratulations to Louise Clemson and Sharon Merritt who triumphed at the LACA 2015 finishing touches competition held at Birmingham NEC. Louise picked up a bronze award for her entry in the novelty cake section and Sharon a merit for the celebration cake section. Well Done.

Bulmershe Secondary School
07 July 2015

Caterlink provided hospitality for a teach and meet conference held at Bulmershe Secondary School for approximateley 120 Teachers in the surrounding area. Sue Guice, Business Manager commented I just wanted to pass on our thanks to your staff for the excellent catering provision last night. We had many comments from our visitors about how fantastic the food was. The girls worked extremely hard yesterday and the food was beautifully presented.

Woodley CE Primary School Celebrate 160 Years
11 June 2015

Caterlink donated scones for cream teas as part of Woodley CE Primary Schools 160th Anniversary celebration street party on Thursday 11th June. Money raised was given to the Schools chosen charity.

Walter Infants School
08 June 2015

Caterlink Team at Walter Infants school received a glowing report from the Environmental Health Officer. Not only did they receive 5 scores on the doors but the officer quoted on the report " One of the cleanest, most organised and well run kitchens I have ever come across.A real pleasure to inspect, keep up the good work. The team were also recognised by Caterlink with a thank you card and love to shop vouchers, Well Done.

Bar B Q Week at the Forest Boys School
18 May 2015

Caterlink held a Bar B Q week at Forest Boys School, W/C 18th May. Students were able to purchase dishes such as Hunters Chicken,Vegetable Kebabs in a Honey Glaze,Cheesburgers served with Classic Coleslaw and followed by Strawberries and Cream.

Oaklands Infant School
08 May 2015

JoJoe Crow visited the pupils at Oaklands Infant School at lunchtime. The pupils were really pleased to see him and shared what their favourite lunchtime meals were, these included, fish and chips, roast dinners and macaroni cheese.

Wescott Infant school Taster Session
05 May 2015

Caterlink held a taster session for parents and pupils to come and try some of the dishes from the new summer menu. Parents and pupils were able to feedback their thoughts on dishes such as Chilli and Rice, Macaroni Cheese and Pear and Chocolate Cake.

Colleton Primary School
20 April 2015

Ready Steady Grow After much planning and hardwork the vegetable garden at Colleton Primary School is ready for planting. Colleton Primary were one of three schools within the Wokingham School Meals Contract who benefited from a £500.00 donation from Caterlink through the WSH Foundation.

Shinfield Infant School - Garden Project
20 April 2015

Shinfield Infant school created raised planting beds in the schools courtyard and school kitchen garden filled with herbs and bulbs. Shinfield Infants school were one of three schools within the Wokingham School Meals Contract who benefited from a £500 donation from Caterlink through the WSH Foundation.

Easter Fun Lunch at Hawthorns Primary
31 March 2015

Hawthorns primary pupils were in for a treat today when visiting the lunchtime service. As well as receiving an Easter fun lunch menu pupils had the opportunity to win an Easter egg as a prize.

St Patricks Day at Forest Boys School
17 March 2015

The Caterlink team at Forest Boys School celebrated St Patricks Day at lunchtime. Students were able to choose from the menu authentic dishes such as Irish Stew with Fresh Vegetables,Quorn Colcannon Pie followed by Limerick Cheesecake.

Red Nose Day at Bulmershe Secondary school
13 March 2015

Students were able to purchase products with a Red Nose day theme.

Red Nose Day at Keephatch Primary School
13 March 2015

Pupils at Keephatch Primary School were in for a treat on Friday 13th March. The cook and her team produced cakes and biscuits to celebrate Red Nose Day.

Comic Relief at Lambs Lane School
13 March 2015

Caterlink invited Pupils at Lambs Lane Primary School to join in the fun for comic relief by drawing and then making their own funny faced pizzas. The pizzas were cooked on site for the pupils to enjoy. For every entry 10 pence was given towards comic relief.

The Coombes Primary FoodTaster Session
04 March 2015

Caterlink held a food taster session for parents and pupils at Coombes Primary School. Customers were able to try dishes from the current menu as well as ask any questions regarding the school lunch service. One parent commented they were very impressed with what they had seen.

Hawkedon Primary School
13 February 2015

Caterlink provided a working lunch for Hawkedon Primary School who held a cluster meeting for Head teachers within the Wokingham Borough.

Chinese Destination Day
12 February 2015

Bulmershe Secondary School students were treated to a Chinese Destination Day, dishes included Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice followed by Bananas in Toffee Sauce and Oriental Fresh Fruit Salad.

Pancake Day Celebrations Forest Boys School
10 February 2015

The Forest Boys School celebrated Pancake Day a week early serving delicious pancakes with a variety of sweet fillings, these included firm favourites such as fresh lemon and sugar,maple syrup and chocolate spread.

Chinese New Year Menu
26 January 2015

Chinese New Year menu will be available on Thursday 12th February. Check with your school if they will be running this menu. Taster dishes include Chinese style barbeque pork Five spice wedges Mushroom & coriander rice Crunchy fruit & vegetable salad Pear & ginger muffin Vanilla ice cream

Sonning Taster Session
21 January 2015

Parents were invited to a taster session at Sonning Primary School. Dishes from our new menu were on offer to try and also parents were able to ask questions relating to the menu and lunchtime service.

Santa visits Piggot Infant School
18 December 2014

Heather our cook dressed up as Santa to deliver some sweets to each child. The children were delighted to see Santa come to Piggot Infant school and I think Heather enjoyed the experience herself!

Christmas Lunch at Piggot Infants School
18 December 2014

Our team on site joined in the festive occasion for Piggot Infants Christmas lunch. The Head commented "I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with Heather Annetts as our school cook. She has entered into the life of our school wholeheartedly and can be relied upon to provide the children with a healthy lunch each day which is well presented and well received. The lunches here are very popular and we have an extremely high take up of school lunches which has already been identified by the article which was written for the Wokingham Borough News recently. Heather helped us to select the winners for our recent school meal competition in association with your Development chef Nick Weight who visited the school to judge the entries with us " Well Done Heather !

Hawthorns Primary Christmas Lunch
17 December 2014

The caterlink team entered into the festive spirit at Hawthorns Primary for Christmas Lunch. Pupils were treated to traditional Turkey lunch with all the trimmings on the 17th December.

Hillside Primary School
15 November 2014

Caterlink provided tasters from the current lunchtime menu for parents and pupils at their recent school opening day. JoJo Crow our infamous scarecrow also attended to meet and greet. Dishes on offer were BBQ Chicken, Macaroni Cheese followed by Mandarin Sponge and Chocolate Brownie. One parent commented " really impressed and a great variety"

Christmas Menu
15 November 2014

Schools have been issued with the Festive Christmas Lunch Menu. Please ask your school reception for the date of their Christmas lunch. Pupils can enjoy a traditional Christmas Dinner including Roast Turkey with all the trimmings followed by Christmas Chocolate Cake or Festive Orange Biscuit.

Chinese destination day held at Forest Boys School
20 October 2014

Students at Forest Boys School were able to try delicous dishes such as Chicken Chow Mein,Hoi Sin Noodles, Sweet Chilli Wraps and Hot and Sour Soup. The menu was received really well with students asking when the next destiny day would be held.

Taster session at Winnersh Primary School
16 October 2014

Pupils and parents were invited to a taster session held at Winnersh Primary School on Thursday 16th October. Dishes from our current menu were available to try and the caterlink team were on hand to answer any questions regarding the lunchtime service provided.

Taster Session at Westende Junior School
14 October 2014

Parents and pupils were invited to a taster session held at Westende Junior School. Dishes available to taste were freshly made Chicken Lasagne, Cottage Pie, Vegetable Chilli and Macaroni Cheese, followed by Plum and Vanilla Crumble and Carrot Cake. One parent commented " I really liked the Chicken Lasagne which was full of chicken, I thought the portion sizes were perfect"

Caterlink sponsor Beechwood Primary
22 July 2014

Beechwood Primary School were successful with their application for the Garden Project sponsored through the WSH Foundation. Caterlink presented the Headteacher, School Governor and pupils from Beechwood Primary with a cheque for £500.00. Our aim is to help children become more aware of how food is grown and nutured through the growing process and the journey from farm to fork.

Cook from Gorse Ride Junior triumphs at LACA awards
09 July 2014

Congratulations to Rose at Gorse Ride Juniors who triumphed at the LACA 2014 finishing touches competition held at Birmingham NEC. Rose picked up a bronze award for her entry. Well Done Rose

World Cup Themed Lunch
18 June 2014

Pupils across the Wokingham Schools Meals Contract can particpate and enjoy a themed menu featuring dishes from around the world. To find out if your school is particpating please contact the school reception.

Whiteknights Primary School
17 June 2014

Whiteknights Primary School carried out a trial run at lunchtime in preparation for the increase in meal uptake for Key Stage One in September. Jojoe Crow, caterlinks mascot was on hand to help and talk to pupils at lunchtime, finding out what their favourite meals are from our current menu and ensure these are still available from September.

Oaklands Infant School
16 June 2014

Pupils at Oaklands Infant School were excited to see Jojoe Crow arrive at their school on Monday 16th June to share lunch with them. Pupils at Oaklands Infants School gave feedabck on their favourite meals from our menu and along with firm favourites such as fish and chips and roast dinners, lasagne and meatballs were also high on the list.

Oaklands Junior School
12 June 2014

Pupils at Oaklands Junior School had a surprised vistior to help serve their lunch on Thursday 12th June. Jojoe Crow, caterlinks mascot popped in to say hello and serve up some tasty treats from the days menu, these included lasagne with garlic bread followed by iced lemon drizzle cake.

Jojoe Crow visits All Saints Primary School
01 May 2014

Pupils who visited our dining room at All Saints Primary School were in for a big surprise when Jojoe Crow was there to meet them. Pupils were excited to share with Jojoe their favourite dishes from the menu which caterlink provide on a daily basis. The new summer menu was given a thumbs up from our pupils at All Saints Primary School.

JoJoe Crow helps to promote new summer menu
30 April 2014

Jojoe Crow visited Willowbank Infant School on Wednesday 30th April to help promote our new summer menu. Jojoe was there to greet the children at lunchtime, encouraging them to try some of our new dishes from the menu. For a copy of our menu please visit our website, menu and food.

Healthy Eating Assembly at Willowbank Infants School
11 March 2014

There was great interest and interaction from the pupils at Willowbank Infants School during a healthy eating assembly. Nick Weight our deveolopment chef spoke to the pupils on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, what their favourite meals were and shared some interesting food facts. Nick also had a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables on display for pupils to guess the name of the produce.

Taster Session for pupils at Rivermead Primary School
10 March 2014

Janet our Cook at Rivermead Primary with the help of our development chef Nick Weight cooked and served samples of Barbeque Chicken and Apple Pancakes to the pupils at Rivermead Primary School. Both of these dishes were a real hit and will feature on our new summer menu which commences after the Easter Holidays. " The pupils really enjoyed both dishes and thought they were yummy"

Tasty treats for our pupils at Hawthorns Primary
18 February 2014

Pupils at Hawthorns Primary School were able to sample and give feedback on some of the new dishes which will feature on our summer primary menu. Dishes such as Potato and Courgetter Layer Bake, Lentil Roast and Risotto all received a thumbs up. Our new menu will be available after the Easter Holidays.

Valentines day at Southlake Primary
14 February 2014

Paula Edwin our Cook at Southlake primary offered homebaked delicious heart shaped biscuits to pupils as part of the lunchtime menu on Friday 14th February. Paula also dressed up the service counter with colourful balloons and banners much to the delight of our pupils at Southlake primary.

Friendship Day at Willowbank Infants
31 January 2014

Friendship Day was held at Willowbank Infant school on Friday 31st January, This is an annual event held by the school whereby the whole day is based around friendship. This includes a lunchtime treat for the children with fish and chips served in take away bags follwed by friendship biscuit, featuring smiley faces.

Chinese Day Themed Lunch
27 January 2014

Coming Soon, Chinese Day Themed Lunch Thursday 6th February 2014. Please check with your childs school to confirm if they will be running this promotion. Your child can tuck into tasty dishes such as Chicken Chow Mein followed by Mandarin Sponge with Vanilla Sauce at the normal price of £1.95. Children entitled to a free school meal can also experience this menu.

Valentines Fun Lunch
27 January 2014

Valentines fun lunch Friday 14th February 2014 Please check with your childs school to confirm if they will be participating in this fun lunch. Heart shaped biscuits will be available as a pudding option on the day.

Christmas with Save the Children
13 December 2013

Caterlink staff from across the Wokingham School Meals Contract were keen to help raise funds for Save the Children. Friday 13th December was" Christmas Jumper Day" and staff adorned festive jumpers whilst serving children their lunch.

Christmas Lunch at Nine Mile Ride Primary
10 December 2013

Children at Nine Mile Ride Primary School in Wokingham enjoyed a christmas meal with all the trimmings, cooked and served by the caterlink team on site. " Its really great to see the children tucking in and enjoying the Christmas meal we cooked for them" Laura and team

Healthy Eating Assembly
21 November 2013

Children at The Coombes School in Wokingham were treated to a healthy eating session during assembly. The Children were able to identify certain fruits and vegetables and understand the food groups which help to support a balanced diet.

Healthy Eating Assembly
20 November 2013

Children at St Pauls Junior School in Wokingham were treated to an interactive assembly with caterlinks development chef. Children were asked to guess the names of fruit and vegetables whilst learning the benefits they bring to their daily diet.

Children in Need
15 November 2013

Unit teams at our secondary sites pulled out all the stops to help raise funds for Children in Need on Friday. Pudsey bear biscuits and cakes were a real hit with our students and caterlink contibuted a donation for every cake sold.

JoJoe Crow vsits schools in Wokingham
07 October 2013

You may have spotted JoJoe Crow out and about visiting Wokingham schools the week of the 7th October. Pupils and even Teachers were pleased to see JoJoe visit their school over lunchtime. His visits included Radstock Primary, Colleton Primary, Willowbank Infants and Emmbrook Infants School.

Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning
02 October 2013

St Crispins School Staff room was full of cakes on Friday 27th September all in aid of the MacMillan biggest coffee morning. The cakes went down very well and we are pleased to able to announce that £60 was raised thanks to the generous donations.

British Organic Milk in Wokingham
19 September 2013

From this September we are enhancing our commitment by providing our school cooks with British Organic Milk to use in cooking in their primary school kitchens’. Naturally, I trust that our schools & pupils/parents see this positive benefit to our food sourcing.

Emmbrook Infant School Feedback on Food Tasting
03 July 2013

There was very keen interest at the recent taster session Emmbrook Infant School. Cook supervisor Tracy (pictured) cooked for the event. We received some very complimentary feedback from parents, pupils and grandparents about the delights on offer which went down well particularly the cinnamon and tomato homemade breads, which feature on our menu.

Aldryngton Taster Session
02 July 2013

There was very good positive feedback from parents, pupils and staff at the recent taster session held at Aldryngton Primary School in Wokingham. Nick Weight and Helen Alden (cook supervisor) produced some tasty delights from our current menu which were enjoyed by all

Loddon Primary School
01 July 2013

JoJoe crow appeared alongside Caterlink’s Chef Trainer Nick Weight at the Loddon Primary School taster session recently. Caterlink have been working with the School Nutrition Action Group at Loddon and we had a great deal of support from the school in promoting this event, which was very well attended by parents, school staff, pupils and grandparents. The tasters where very well received and feedback was very positive which is pleasing. JoJoe also attracted a good deal of attention!

Winner of The Forest Chef Compertition
08 June 2013

This was the impressive winner of "The Forest" future Chef cooking competition, the young Chef cooked all local ingredients which even included a Pheasant which he shot himself. It was fantastic seeing the range of dishes the boys cooked, showing how diverse we as School Caterers need to be.

Taster at Wescott Infant School
02 May 2013

Parents enjoyed a taste of the lunch time experience whilst waiting for their children to come out of school at Wescott Infant School. Parents and pupils feasted on Beef Chilli con Carne, Macaroni Cheese & Carrot Cake all made with fresh seasonal ingredients. Having food freshly prepared and cooked each day ensures pupils only get the best.

JoJoe Crow visits Wokingham Town Center
03 September 2012

JoJoe Crow visited Wokingham Town Center to promote the new school meal service coming to pupils in primary schools throughout the borough

JoJoe Crow
01 September 2012

One of our local schools had a special visitor to officially open their school garden today, after receiving a cheque, to set up its own kitchen garden. The project will help educate pupils about the origins of fresh food and the benefits of growing your own fruit and vegetables. The donation from Caterlink’s charitable Foundation will go towards the construction of raised garden beds at the school. The School will be able to grow an array of fruit and vegetables and involve many more children, their parents and members of the local community in food related projects and learning. The kitchen garden will enhance the focus on fresh food already in place at the school through the work of Caterlink. Neil Fuller, Managing Director of Caterlink, said: “We are delighted to support the school through our Foundation’s Kitchen Garden project. By working closely with schools, we hope to have a positive impact in reinforcing the importance of fresh food and provenance to local children. This donation from WSH Foundation will go a long way to ensuring we can achieve this.”

Kitchen Garden
01 September 2012

Sam Choo our onsite chef manager has used old pots, pans, bins, mayonnaise tubs and branches from a cut down tree to grow a herb and vegetable garden outside the kitchen. It has been blessed by the local priest and visited by the pupils at Our Ladys. All the plants have been grown from cuttings or seed with no pesticides used. Sam uses the herbs to garnish and flavour his food and is extremely proud of his achievements. The school said "Sam is an asset to the school, we are extremely proud that he is our chef, the children love him."




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