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Menus, Dietary Info & Food Provenance

As the pupils attending our schools vary in nationalities, we will ensure meals appeal to a wide range of ethnic backgrounds and tastes. We are also aware that some pupils have special dietary requirements, such as those who are vegetarians or those who have religious dietary requirements. Some pupils have special needs and some have emotional and behavioural problems which the team will be advised of.

Our primary objective for catering within Sutton schools is to provide pupils, staff and visitors with a choice of homemade, nutritious and well balanced meals. Menus will reflect the requirements and tastes of pupils and staff and will be continually monitored to ensure the menu choices encourage the highest levels of uptake.

A three week menu cycle will be changed termly, our Development Chef consults with your schools and Council.We will ensure red meat is available at least twice a week and fish at least once a week which will include an oily fish every three weeks. Vegetarian protein options will include beans and pulses and there will always be a choice of two breads/cereals or potato choices. Wherever possible, sauces and dressings are made with low fat ingredients and cooking oil and salt is used to a minimum. Alternative low fat fillings will be available for sandwiches and jacket potatoes, low fat yoghurt and desserts will be on offer and skimmed milk is available for cereals.

Freshly cut fruit and low fat yoghurt will be available everyday as an alternative to the daily homemade dessert.


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