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Royal Wedding Buffet 2018
18 May 2018

Royal Wedding finger Buffet at Furze Platt Juniors

Royal Wedding 2018
16 May 2018

Celebrating the Royal Wedding

St Georges Day Servery at Trinity St Stephens
25 April 2018

Servery at Trinity St Stephens

St Georges Day Menu
23 April 2018

St Georges Day Menu

Fresh Bread offering daily
02 April 2018

Fresh bread on offer daily several variations to suit the childrens taste

Fresh Fruit Daily
01 April 2018

Fresh Fruit offered daily, the children love their fruit!

Whats on my plate
01 April 2018

What is on my plate, for information purposes

Wessex Taster Session
21 March 2018

Wessex Taster Session on parents evening

Mothers Day Lunch
09 March 2018

Mothers Day Lunch at Eton Wick

Summer 2018 Menu
19 February 2018

Summer Menu 2018

Pancake Day at Riverside Primary
09 February 2018

Pancake Day has arrived!

Garnishing at its finest
01 February 2018

Garnishing creations

FPJ Parents to Lunch
23 January 2018

Parents enjoy the offerings from Furze Platt Juniors

Sugar Update 2018
11 January 2018

Caterlink striving to decrease the sugar in all of ours puddings, thus continuing with the Healthy Lunch service, 80,000 tons of Sugar saved last year, that is a lot of little Teeth!

Christmas 2017 Yule logs
14 December 2017

Yule logs created by Alwyn catering team

Kingscourt Halloween
31 October 2017

Kings Court Halloween celebrations

rate my lunch board
04 June 2017

Pupils have been asked to give us their feed back by using our new rate my lunch board. They put the tokens into reflect if they liked the meal or not that day.

fresh bread daily
02 June 2017

caterlink always serve 2 different flavoured breads daily for the pupils to enjoy.

interesting salad dishes
01 June 2017

summer is coming so we have been introducing more fresh and exciting dishes to the salad cart to get us all in the sunshine mood.

Healthy eating assemblies
03 May 2017

Amy our craft trainer held several Healthy eating assemblies along side workshops in the class rooms to encourage the pupils to eat more fresh fruit

more fresh veg please
03 May 2017

Caterlink work closely with the school council to find out exactly what the children want to see on their menus. The feed back we have got from some schools is that they would like more cruditys on the salad bar.

Gail turns 60
01 May 2017

Gail celebrated her 60th birthday. we treated her to afternoon tea at Oakley court hotel

Easter @ Datchet St Marys
29 April 2017

The pupils enjoyed the lovely Easter biscuits made by Alison and her team.

St Lukes Easter treats
27 April 2017

The chocolate treats for Easter tasted and looked delicious at St Lukes

Aleandra School Windsor
14 April 2017

Jo did an amazing job as always with her Easter display and biscuits for the children

Easter Sticker Compertition
04 April 2017

The pupils across Windsor and Maidenhead joined in with Caterlinks plate sticker Competition. The kitchens that took part placed a sticker on the underside of every 20/30 plate, the winner then won an Easter Bunny.

All Saints Adopt a School
02 April 2017

Amy our Craft Trainer has been holding several Adopt A School sessions with the pupils of All Saints School. The taste and Sensory class went down really well with the pupils.

Red Nose Day
24 March 2017

Caterlink helped to celebrate Red Nose Day with a special menu.

St Lukes Healthy Eating Assemberly
22 March 2017

Nick Weight our Executive Chef came to RBWM to hold several Healthy Eating Assemblys. The pupils are educated on healthy food choices and fun interesting facts.

Food tasting @ All Saints School
22 March 2017

Food tasting was held at All Saints School. All the parents and children were invited to come and sample the new dishes on our Summer menu.

Pancake day
07 March 2017

Pancake day was certainly enjoyed by the pupils that attend Caterlink Breakfast clubs. Some pupils even came back for seconds.

We made the local press
02 February 2017

Caterlink made the local press when Adam Denny our Chef Trainer came to Riverside School to cook with the pupils. Adam had as much fun as they did judging by his happy face.

Bread making class at Riverside School
02 February 2017

Adam our Chef Trainer held a bread making class with the pupils at Riverside. They were taught how to make the dough then turn it into an interesting shape before it was cooked for them to take home to eat.

Fruit Salad Class at Riverside School
02 February 2017

The pupils at Riverside school learnt the importance of eating a varied diet of fruit and vegetable. They were shown new knife skills while preparing a healthy fruit salad to enjoy.

Garnish competition throughout Caterlink
10 January 2017

Caterlink have been holding a competition throughout the kitchens to see who can garnish their food the best. As you can see, they are doing a great job making the food interesting for the pupils.

christmas dinner counter
10 December 2016

The counters were decorated to give the Christmas dinners that special magical touch.

christmas log compertion
08 December 2016

The cooks were asked to enter their Christmas yule logs into our best decorated Christmas log competition. As you can see we had some very good entries.

Caterlink wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
05 December 2016

Caterlink would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Mexican Kitchen
08 November 2016

It was Mexican day last Thursday. Pulled pork and tacos were among the menu items.

bonfire toffee apples
05 November 2016

The pupils were treated to toffee apples to celebrate Fireworks Night. They were enjoyed by all.

31 October 2016

Halloween was celebrated with Ghost cakes. The pupils certainly was not scared to bite into these.

Afternoon Tea
30 September 2016

Caterlinks Area Team wanted to say a big thank you to all of their staff. We held an afternoon tea and awards ceremony to say thank you and recognise all the hard work the ladies and gents have done through out the year

Awards Ceremony
30 September 2016

Neil Fuller Caterlinks Managing Director came along to our awards ceremony to hand out the prizes.

New ideas & training
30 September 2016

Caterlink staff attended training in the summer holidays to swap ideas and gain new ones. We have produced a new salad bar booklet to ensure the children try new vegetables.

Boyne Hill Food Tasting
27 September 2016

The parents and children at Boyne Hill School were invited to come and sample the menu at our Tasting Session.

Belly Dancing at All Saints Fete
24 September 2016

Gail Wilkinson our Area Support manager showed off her Belly dancing skills at All Saints school fete.

Year 6 leavers cakes
11 July 2016

Caterlink made a special cake for every year 6 leaver at Lowbrook Academy. Good luck at your new schools

Alan wins Bronze at Laca
08 July 2016

Well done Alan for your Bronze award. Alan made a black forest gateaux, which tasted lovely.

Alison @ Datchet St Marys wins GOLD
07 July 2016

Alison from Datchet St Marys won Gold & Certificate of Merit for her two cakes that she entered at this years Laca . Gold was for her special diet cake and certificate of Merit was for her wonderful story book. Well Done Alison

Alison Special Diet Cake
07 July 2016

As I am sure you will agree Alison Eggless, Gluten Free and Dairy Free cake looks absolutely delicious. It certainly did deserve the GOLD medal

Datchet St Marys
07 July 2016

The children at Datchet St Marys school did not know whether to read the cake or eat it. They chose to do both

Queens 90th Birthday
10 June 2016

Caterlink across The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead cooked special celebration lunches to celebrate the Queens 90th birthday. Happy Birthday Your Majesty

Larchfield Queens Birthday
10 June 2016

The children at Larchfield tucked into a celebration picnic lunch for the Queens birthday.

Queens Birthday Cake
10 June 2016

The cooks across RBWM all made the Queen a birthday cake for the children to enjoy.

Picnic lunch
10 June 2016

The tables were set with special Union Jack pack lunch boxes filled with a delicious picnic lunch

Good Bye Russell
15 April 2016

We sadly said goodbye to Russell on Friday. Russell is relocating to be nearer to his mum. Good luck, we will miss you

Caterlink food forum
14 April 2016

Caterlink hosted a food forum at the council offices in Maidenhead on the 14th April All of our suppliers attended, there was food tasting from our primary menu and Middle/secondary menu. Our Craft trainers held a Tongue sensory session & Jo Joe came to deliver fresh organic milk a free raffle was also held. Look out for our pictures in the press

Jo Joe delivers Neils milk for his tea
14 April 2016

Jo Joe decided to deliver Neil some fresh milk for his cup of tea.

Alexander First School
04 April 2016

Jo the cook at Alexander school treated the pupils to an Easter treat. Jo did a great job of decorating the lunch counter and her biscuits were enjoyed by all.

Fruit salad
04 April 2016

The pupils have been enjoying their Adopt a School sessions. As you can see they have been having fun making faces with their favourite fruit

Mums come for coffee and cake
04 March 2016

The Mums at Datchet St Marys came to a coffee morning with Caterlink. The cakes went down a treat.

Quirky Bird & Mexican Kitchen coming soon
03 March 2016

Windsor Girls School and the Middle Schools in Windsor will all be introducing Quirky Bird and Mexican Kitchen to lunch time. The pupils are in for a treat.

Homemade bread
11 February 2016

Chris the cook at Furze Platt Junior school made 6 different flavoured breads for the pupils to try. There was White floured baps, cheese rolls, roasted vegetable bread, brown rolls beetroot and apple bread and sultana and cinnamon bread.

Pie and Mash for lunch anyone?
10 February 2016

Tuesday was Turkey and leek pie with mash and vegetables for lunch. This is a new pie filling that we have added to the menu and seems to be going down well with the pupils.

Adopt a School Furze Platt Juniors
09 February 2016

Amy our Craft trainer held a bread making class at Furze Platt Junior School, as part of Caterlinks Adopt a School. The class all had fun making wonderful shapes with their dough before it was cooked off.

Food tasting at Forest Bridge School
14 January 2016

Food tasting was held at Forest Bridge School for the parents. Forest Bridge School is a specialist school for children with Autism. Carterlink provides different menus to cater for the pupils individual dietary needs.

Opening of new kitchen at Waltham St Lawrence
12 January 2016

Waltham St Lawrence invited the school Governors to try lunch in their new kitchen. Roast dinner was enjoyed by all. Well done Gail, Emma and Mel

Happy New Year
05 January 2016

We decided to welcome the pupils back to school with some delicious cakes.

Christmas dinners throughout Windsor & Maidenhead
17 December 2015

Schools throughout Windsor & Maidenhead have been enjoying Christmas dinner early. Thank you to all the staff that have worked so hard to make it special.

Trevelyan edible Christmas tree
16 December 2015

Sarah decided to make an edible Christmas tree this year. I am sure the pupils enjoyed it.

Christmas dinner enjoyed by all
11 December 2015

As you can see the Christmas dinners have not only been enjoyed by the children but staff too.

St Marys Christmas lunch
10 December 2015

The year 6 children did a fantastic job as waiters and waitresses during Christmas lunch. They looked great in their hats, and worked hard helping Lea and her team.

New Uniform
01 December 2015

I am sure you will agree the ladies look very smart in their new colour uniform.

Adopt a School
03 November 2015

Our Craft Trainer Amy Harris got the pupils at Eton Wick thinking about their senses. The children had to identify where on their tongue they could taste bitter, sweet and sour.

Bonfire Night
03 November 2015

Bonfire night came early today. The pupils enjoyed the toffee apples made for them by Sarah and her team.

Ice Cream Cakes
03 November 2015

The pupils loved their surprise when they bit into what they thought was an ice cream cornet. In fact it was a cake made to look like one. Jasmine said "I am going to ask my mum to make these to trick my brother"

New Chocolate & Mandarin Muffins
13 October 2015

Our new Chocolate & Mandarin Muffins went down a treat with pupils across the Borough. Emily said that they reminded her of eating chocolate oranges at Christmas time.

Congratulations Caterlink
23 September 2015

I am writing to express how impressed I am with both my childrens reactions to the school meals provided by Caterlink. Every day they come home from school excited to tell me what delights they had for lunch. "Delicious! Epic! Exquisite!" These are a few of the words they use to describe the food. The desert yoghurt is "legendary!". My husband and I are keen to find out how they make this legendary yoghurt! Thank you for providing delicious and nutritious meals for my children and contributing to their happiness at Lowbrook Academy. From a very happy mum to Sophie and Charlie.

Courthouse Junior School
09 July 2015

Courthouse Junior School received a certificate of excellence for their score of 95% in their EBS Audit. Lu & her team each received a Thank You card for all their hard work.

Opening of new kitchen at Riverside School
08 July 2015

To celebrate the opening of the new kitchen at Riverside School, Caterlink invited the governors & Christine along to lunch. Comprising of Cajun chicken wraps and vegetarian chilli served with rice. Apple crumble & custard followed... The dining tables were laid with crisp white table cloths and vases of flowers...

Food Awareness week at Furze Platt Junior School
02 July 2015

On our stand at Furze Platt Junior School during Food Awareness week the children and parents were invited to sample dishes from our Autumn Menu. They were also fortunate enough to have an opportunity to taste the delights on offer from Our Discovery Days. The treats allowed them to get stuck into Chocolate & Kale Cake. They were also impressed to see how a whole chick pea can be made into a smooth paste & enjoyed with vegetable crudités and pitta breads.

Kings Court Sports Day
25 June 2015

Kingscourt School held a special lunch to celebrate their Sports Day on 25th June. The children and parents enjoyed the finger buffet followed by fresh fruit & iced sponge to complete the picnic atmosphere. However, the healthy options, including the self-service salad cart, we’re not forgotten.

Friday is Fish n Chip Day
22 May 2015

Fridays ever popular Fish n Chips was enjoyed even more by pupils across the borough as it was the last day of school before the half term break.

Italian Theme Day
19 May 2015

Tuesday 19th May took the pupils tastes buds to Italy with our Italian Theme Day Lunch. The garlic dough balls proved to be very popular.

Knowl Hill Food Tasting
28 April 2015

Food tasting was held at Knowl Hill School for parents and pupils. The children enjoyed guessing what the secret ingredient was in the Chocolate (Beetroot) Brownie

Easter Celebrations at Wessex School
01 April 2015

It may have been April Fool’s Day but the Easter celebration menu at Wessex was no hoax. Students and staff at the Combined School in Cox Green tucked into a tasty turkey roast followed by a traditional spiced fruit bun for dessert. Those who preferred the vegetarian option voted the Cheese, Tomato and Spinach Quiche as very tasty. The kitchen team were kept busy by a high number of pupils opting to join in the festivities but provided their usual high quality service and managed to have everyone served and returned in time for afternoon lessons. It was generally voted great fun and an excellent opportunity for the School to share their lunch together.

Easter cakes at Trevelyan
30 March 2015

Easter came early at Trevelyan today. Sarah’s Easter Cupcakes were enjoyed by the pupils and staff. Thank you Sarah, Stacie and Claire.

Windsor Girls New Menu
16 March 2015

Windsor Girls has a new menu featuring tastes from around the world and an enhanced deli bar with subway style sandwiches. Monday is Curry which is proving to be very popular.

Caterlink new kitchen gardens at Braywood and Homer Schools
12 February 2015

New kitchen gardens from Caterlink allow Windsor and Maidenhead children to see the benefit of growing your own fruit and veg School children in Windsor and Maidenhead have been cultivating their own fruit and vegetables, thanks to a donation from Caterlink, the school education catering specialist. The specialist caterer has donated two new kitchen gardens to schools in Windsor and Maidenhead, to educate children about the origins and benefits of fresh produce. The donation from Caterlinks charitable Foundation has helped Homer First School and Braywood CE First School to create raised garden beds, in which children are growing a huge range of fruit and vegetables, from carrots and potatoes to runner beans and cabbages. The kitchen gardens continue the focus on fresh food already in place at the schools through the work of Caterlink, allowing many more children to be involved in growing fresh food, whilst enhancing their involvement in food related projects and learning. Neil Fuller, managing director of Caterlink, said: Through the introduction of the Foundation’s Kitchen Garden project, we hope to reinforce the importance of fresh food and provenance to school children in Windsor and Maidenhead. We are pleased to support local children through the project and give them the opportunity to experience the full farm-to-fork journey, where they can cultivate, grow and cook with their own locally produced ingredients. Cllr Phill Bicknell, Member for Children Services added: Thanks to the donation from Caterlinks charitable Foundation, children in Windsor and Maidenhead will be able to understand the importance of fresh food. Rolling up their sleeves and getting involved with the garden will assist in their understanding of where food comes from and how important it is to eat fresh. Caterlink, in conjunction with its parent company WSH, supports UK schools in setting up and maintaining kitchen gardens. The aim of the School Kitchen Garden project is to help children to become more aware of how food is grown, how it should be nurtured through the growing process and the journey of field to plate. To date, the companys Foundation has helped fund more than 64 kitchen gardens.

Chinese New Year Celebrations at Riverside School
12 February 2015

To celebrate the year of the sheep, Riverside School provided a highly popular Chinese New Year themed day menu comprising Lemon Chicken and Pineapple rice with Traditional Moon Cakes for dessert. The dining room and service counter was decorated with Chinese lanterns and banners. The occasion was enhanced by a Chinese pupil singing a beautiful Chinese song in Chinese to welcome in the New Chinese Year.

RBWM Traders Roadshow
21 January 2015

On the Caterlink stand a tempting selection of healthy cakes. Alison Alexander Director of Childrens Services said I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to taste the delights on offer from Caterlink at the Roadshow. The treats allowed me to get stuck into my five a day, without a raw vegetable passing my lips.I,along with the RBWM catering supply were extremely impressed with the taste of the treats.So much so we did return for a few samples!

Celebrate the New Year Menu at Holyport
15 January 2015

Holyport CE Primary School held a special lunch to welcome in the New Year at their school on Thursday 15th January with all pupils encouraged to take part. The School set their own menu featuring some of the childrens favourite foods followed by jelly and ice cream to complete the party atmosphere. However, the healthy options, including the self-service salad cart, were not forgotten. The School staff felt that everyone sharing a meal should not be something that only happened at Christmas so had the idea of celebrating the start of a new term, as well as the New Year, with their own theme day. The kitchen staff, led by Cook Supervisor Sarah Webb, worked extremely hard to make sure that it was a memorable occasion for the children and it was voted a great success.

Food tasting at Forest Bridge School
14 January 2015

We held food tasting for the parents of Forest Bridge School. Forest Bridge specialises for children with Autism. Caterlink supplies meals to cater for the wide range of allergies that the children have within the school.

Russell Riste New Area Support Manager
06 January 2015

Making a very welcome return to School Catering is Russell who previously worked as an Area Manager in RBWM between 2000 to 2003. Rusell takes overs from Nancy Harris who sadly left us at the end of the December term. Russell is responsible for Braywood,Cookham Dean, Datchet St Marys, Eton Porny, Eton Wick, Furze Platt Infants and Juniors, Hilltop, Homer, Oakfield, Riverside, St Marys and The Royal School.

Waltham St Lawrence Christmas Lunch
18 December 2014

Waltham St Lawrence served 143 Christmas Lunches cooked and transported from Boyne Hill Kitchen. In the picture, pupils patiently await the service of their meals.

Christmas at Trevelyan
12 December 2014

Another highly successful Christmas Lunch prepared by Sarah chef manager and her team. Sarah was delighted with the smoothness of the service and 340 happy customers.

St Marys Christmas Lunch
11 December 2014

The entire school enjoyed Christmas Lunch on Thursday. Teachers and Pupils served each other and there was a festive atmosphere. Janice Laycock Head teacher praised the team saying Lea and the ladies did an amazing job and the lunch was delicious.

Pudsey Bear comes to Trevelyan School
18 November 2014

Pudsey Bear made a visit to Trevelyan school in the form of an edible biscuit. Kindly made for the pupils to enjoy by Sarah and her team. Money was raised for Children in Need.

Courthouse Junior School Welcomes Grandparents for lunch
11 November 2014

The chance to have lunch with their grandchildren was too good an opportunity to miss and Courthouse welcomed over 100 grandparents over the two days of this popular event on 11th and 18th of November. A delicious lunch was provided by Enid Everett and her team in the kitchen which was thoroughly appreciated by all who attended. The adults queued for lunch alongside the pupils to give them the complete school lunch experience with the small addition of some beautiful flowers on the tables. When asked if they had enjoyed their visit one grandparent commented the lunches were not as nice in his day and he thought such events were a very good idea

Adopt a School Taster Session at Furze Platt Junior School
09 October 2014

A very popular taster session took place at Furze Platt Junior School attended by pupils and parents. In the picture Lucy and Jorja enjoy putting their taste buds to the test. Elaine Eldridge (Pastoral and Pupil Support) praised the event and said the children are so enthused by this wonderful opportunity and experience that they can hardly wait until the next session.

Congratulations to Enid
29 September 2014

Congratulations to Enid Everett who was awarded a Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Hospitality and Leadership. Enid heads up our team at Courthouse Junior School Maidenhead

Food Awareness Activity Day at Hilltop First School and Foundation Stage, Windsor
10 September 2014

Berkshire NHS Dieticians ran a food awareness activity day. The aim of the day was to promote the benefits of healthy food and making heathy choices. In the Foundation Stage children made their own food gardens creating pictures using fruit as well as learning how to cut up food safely. In key stage 1 children prepared and made cous cous. In key stage 2 children learnt about the importance of good dental hygiene, The Eatwell Plate and made fruit smoothies using a bicycle attached to a blending machine with the aid of ‘Blendavenda’. After school, children, parents and carers had the opportunity to visit the health fair which included Caterlink providing healthy flap jacks and promoting healthy school meals, ‘Blendavenda’, dental hygiene and a quiz on the sugar content of drinks. The children had a fantastic day and continued to talk about their experiences long after the day had finished.

The Queen Anne Royal Free CE First School 25th Anniversary Celebration
18 July 2014

On the 18th July Queen Anne Royal Free School in Windsor celebrated their 25th Anniversary. To help celebrate this occasion we asked Becky our Cook Supervisor from Homer School to make a cake. As you can see she did a wonderful job. The children, staff and parents all enjoyed eating the cake which was handed out by Helen and Jen the kitchen staff.

Vacancies for Cook Supervisors and General Assistants
10 July 2014

We are currently recruiting for talented cooks and general assistants. For further details contact either Gail Wilkinson on 07769 212940, Nancy Harris on 07919 522831 or Terrie Elmes on 07816 450142. You will need to be innovative and creative, a strong team player, have an eye for detail and a strong drive to develop your skills. The hours of work are Monday to Friday during term time only, daily hours dependent on the role. Caterlink is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all employees to share this commitment. A DBS disclosure will b e required for these roles.

Junior Master Chef
30 June 2014

Junior Master Chef at Alexander First School In Windsor... There was strong competition for the title of Junior Master Chef at Alexander on 30th June 2014. As part of the competition pupils had to research and plan a lunchbox to provide a balanced meal in the middle of the school day. They then had to cook and present the dishes in a timed session in order to determine the winning entry. One of the judges, Caterlink’s Craft Trainer Blair Stanton, said “I was very impressed at the way in which the pupils prepared and presented their dishes and the high standard made it a very difficult decision indeed”.

JoJoe Crow Comes to Windsor
10 June 2014

Jojoe Crow came for lunch to Braywood C of E first School on the 10th June and Homer First School on the 11th June. The children were all very excited to have him visit their school and help to serve their puddings. Many thanks to Anna and Debbie for helping Jo Joe around the playground and ensuring he did not fall over!

Caterlink is helping to bring Solar energy to Courthouse Junior School
02 June 2014

The Solar Schools project is putting clean energy in classrooms all over the country. Schools set a fundraising target for their very own solar roof, then everyone chips in to help make it happen. 50 schools have taken part in the scheme so far, including Courthouse Junior School where the panels are due to be installed over the summer. Its a chance for pupils, parents, local businesses, former students and everyone else to do something good for their school, their community, and the whole world. Gerry Heynes Head teacher says Thanks to the generosity of so many individuals and groups associated with the school, including a valued contribution from Caterlink, we will soon be realising our dream to become even more energy efficient and reduce our carbon footprint. Other fund raising activities included a cake sale with special Solar cakes (see picture)

Mothers Day Lunch
26 March 2014

Wednesday 26th March saw Alexander First School in Windsor hosting a Mother’s Day Lunch. This proved so popular that the hall was full for both lunch sittings and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the traditional roast prepared for them by Maggie Walsh. Both Maggie and the School staff who worked hard to ensure that the event ran smoothly deserved the vote of thanks from the pupils and parents. The tribute from one pupil took the form of a colourful picture of his lunch.

Gold Award for the Royal Borough
07 March 2014

The Royal Borough came home with a gold from the national Improvement and Efficiency Awards ceremony held in London. First place in the Connecting People category went to the school meal cashless payment system, implemented by Gemma Reading and Christine Birch from the Business Development team, for having done the most in transforming the way local people access services. Hosted by the Improvement and Efficiency Social Enterprise, local governments not-for-profit transformation mutual, the awards honour the dedication of public service teams working behind the scenes to keep much-relied-upon services going in the face of severe financial pressures.

Around the World in a lunchtime week
14 February 2014

At St. Edward’s Royal Free Ecumenical Middle School in Windsor, Caterlink arranged a special Around the World themed menu from the 10th to 14th February to compliment the school’s curriculum. Maria and her team helped the pupils to sample the cuisine from five different countries including Japanese (pictured) which saw items such as Shredded Beef with Wasabi, Spinach and Lentil Dhal and Valencia Orange Cake featured on the menu across the week.

30 January 2014

The Business Development Team at RBWM held a Traded Services Road Show on 30th January. Academies, LEA schools, School Governors, Business Managers, and Head teachers were invited to attend . The idea of the road show was to demonstrate the benefits of what the borough have to offer schools. A variety of suppliers to the borough were given the opportunity to set up a stall and explain to clients across the borough what services they offer. Caterlink were given the chance to spread the word on what were all about. It was treats all round for Caterlink as visitors were offered free samples of our famous beetroot and chocolate cake and sweet butternut squash cake in addition to being able to enter a free raffle to win a luxurious fruit basket. Christine Birch from RBWM School Contracts hailed the event as a resounding success and definitely to be repeated next year. Photo courtesy of RBWM.

Getting in to the Festive Spirit at St Edwards Middle Christmas Lunch
18 December 2013

Maria and her team at St. Edward’s Royal Free Ecumenical Middle School were joined by Blair Stanton, Craft Trainer for Caterlink in RBWM, for a photo call before serving the Christmas lunch on Wednesday 18th December. Having worked extremely hard to ensure that the lunch was ready on time the catering staff entered into the Christmas spirit by wearing festive hats and aprons for service time. The first Christmas lunch to be served in the newly extended and refurbished kitchen was judged to be a huge success with a record number of Christmas lunches served.

Wraysbury Christmas Lunch
04 December 2013

‘Just wanted to say a very big thank you for our lovely Christmas lunch yesterday, and the extra support that was provided for us. The meal was beautifully cooked and everybody worked so hard to make it a streamlined production. The numbers having lunch was an all-time record for us and it is a credit to the Jackie and her team that it all went so smoothly’. Kind regards Barbara Croft Business Manager Wraysbury Primary School

Joyce Hornblow 25 years of Service
14 October 2013

There was a special visitor to the taster session at Boyne Hill School on Monday 14th October. Jo Joe Crow, the Caterlink mascot, came along to meet parents, pupils and staff as they sampled some of the dishes on the current menu. While he was there Jo Joe Crow took the opportunity to congratulate the cook, Joyce Hornblow, on her 25th year as a school cook in Maidenhead. Since she joined the contract in 1989, Joyce has seen many changes in the provision of school meals and is proud to be able to offer meals that are freshly cooked on the school site. She takes particular pleasure in tempting the children to try something different. Joyce and Jo Joe can be seen here with the certificate presented to her by the school to mark her 25 years of service.

British Organic Milk in RBWM
19 September 2013

From this September we are enhancing our commitment by providing our school cooks with British Organic Milk to use in cooking in their primary school kitchens’. Naturally, I trust that our schools & pupils/parents see this positive benefit to our food sourcing.

Success story - Catering Assistant to Cook Supervisor in just two weeks!
01 September 2013

Congratulations to Sandra who joined Caterlink in April as a catering assistant and was promoted to Cook Supervisor in May with responsibility for opening a brand new kitchen at Cookham Dean School. Whilst Sandra is no stranger to catering, with fifteen years previous experience in school meals, this was still a major achievement. Calm and unflustered , Sandra has risen to the challenge and received commendations from the Headteacher and Governors who say ‘’the meals are lovely” and are impressed with the running of the kitchen. Sandra has a bright and bubbly personality and enjoys preparing meals for children and having responsibility for her own unit. She says ‘it’s great to see the children enjoying their food and the most popular items on the menu are roast dinners, fish and chips, lasagne, homemade bread and fresh salads’’.

Caterlink in partnership with Hospitality Industry Training have enjoyed the following successes in this academic year
30 August 2013

Fourteen Cook Supervisors in Windsor and Maidenhead Schools completed NVQ Diplomas in Food Production and Cooking, Hospitality Supervision and Leadership and Kitchen Services. This is testimony to the drive and commitment of those fourteen individuals who voluntarily embarked on these annual courses. These popular earn while you learn vocational training courses are designed for cooks and catering assistants to qualify for the latest standards. These are job specific and tailored to both the individual and our client’s needs. The benefits to the business are improved working practices through enhanced knowledge and skill base in our kitchens. There are a further ten employees in the process of completing their NVQ Diplomas with a completion date of Summer 2014. Caterlink engaged HIT Training as the hospitality experts for formal training as their assessors and verifiers understand the complexities of the qualifications and apprenticeship programmes; the funding, the awarding organisations and the government policies to produce the best solutions for our schools.

Focus on Food Event at Altwood School
16 July 2013

The event was to demonstrate our food welfare commitment to our customers, with pupils, catering staff and teaching staff. The event was well supported with information on the produce we supply available and tasty samples to try. Our development team were on hand to demonstrate bread and pastry making along with other tasty tip ideas. For further details see the article in the Menu and Downloads section on the web page.

1960s Picnic at Courthouse Junior School
04 July 2013

An end of term Picnic Lunch with a 1960’s theme proved to be a great hit with staff and pupils alike at Courthouse Long gone are the spam and fish paste sandwiches of the 60’s, instead a slightly modern spin from the catering staff who served a selection of sandwiches, hardboiled eggs, sausage rolls, cakes and fruit to well over 100 hungry pupils. The school staff and pupils dressed for the occasion in mini skirts and “Flower Power” trousers were to be seen around the school field. Everyone who took part entered into the spirit of the event and it was declared a great success.

Mums and Dads Lunch at Braywood School
13 June 2013

This year’s annual Mums and Dads In to School lunch took place on the 13th and 14th June. We took advantage of the good weather and dined al fresco in the school playground. On Thursday, Mums enjoyed an especially designed menu featuring Jacket Potatoes with a selection of fillings of which Coronation Chicken was the firm favourite. This was supplemented by salads, freshly baked bread and seasonal fruit Next day, it was the Dads’ turn with a menu comprising Beef patties, Sausages and BBQ Chicken. The kitchen staff worked extremely hard, catering for over 200 guests over the two days. There was much praise from parents and the school expressed their delight with the success of this

Winner of LACA 2013 Chef of the Year our very own Corrine
16 May 2013

Corrine Du Preez, who cooks for 95 primary school children in Windsor, Berkshire, has won the 2013 School Chef of the Year competition organised by local authority school meals organisation LACA. Corrine said: “I am so proud to have won the national title. With the standard in the competition being so exceptionally high, I felt it was an achievement in itself to compete with such a talented group of people. “All of this just goes to prove what a good job school chefs do, day in, day out, up and down the country to provide tasty, nutritious meals for millions of children. “I am fortunate to have a great team within my company and authority, all of whom have backed me and helped me throughout the competition. “I hope that this achievement will also serve to reassure parents everywhere about the high quality, balanced and tasty meals that are provided, not only in my school, Kings Court First School but across the length and breadth of the country. “I am looking forward to an exciting year as the new LACA School Chef of the Year 2013”. Corrine’s winning dishes were a main course of poached fillet of pollock with arabic salad and tagine sauce served with coriander and garlic flatbreads, followed by a dessert of Moroccan date and cinnamon cake.

Kitchen at last for Cookham Dean
16 May 2013

Children from Cookham Dean C of E Primary School in Cookham are enjoying a selection of locally sourced ingredients and seasonal, freshly prepared meals thanks to an on-site kitchen being installed for the very first time. The brand new kitchen was officially opened on Thursday 16 May by JoJoe the Crow, Caterlink’s friendly mascot, who was on hand to educate pupils about nutrition and food provenance

Eton Porny School Pupils taste healthy living at a nutrition workshop
18 April 2013

Year 3 pupils from Eton Porny CofE First School learnt about taste, origins of food and its preparation during the Caterlink workshop. Pupils made a fruit salad, learnt about recipe ratios flavours and textures of different fruits and how they can be combined in to a healthy and nutritious diet. The workshop was run as part of the Academy of Culinary Arts Chef ‘Adopt a School initiative providing youngsters with nutritious education in schools. Christine McLeod Headteacher said “This Adopt a chef Initiative has provided a rich experience of the children. They have been motivated by working the with the skilled chefs from Caterlink and the project has raised the awareness of food sources”.

2013 School Cook of the Year Competition
21 March 2013

Mrs. Corrine Du Preez, Cook Supervisor at Kings Court School, Old Windsor has gone through to the next stage of the competition, the South East Regional final which will be held in early 2013. The competition is to present a main course and a dessert to a budget of £1.50. Marks are awarded for originality and presentation, compliance with nutritional standards, pupil feedback, costing and a marketing table. At the Regional Final, Corrine will cook and present her menu for the Judges. Corrine will receive a certificate in due course to recognise her time and effort in entering the competition this year, along with four sew-on badges to wear on her uniform during the regional final stage of the competition.

Mothers Day Lunches at Courthouse Junior School
12 March 2013

The opportunity to have lunch with their children to celebrate Mother’s Day proved so popular at Courthouse that it had to be split over two days, 5th and 12th March. More than 120 mothers were welcomed into the dining hall and enjoyed a tasty choice of main meals accompanied by fresh vegetables and salad from the well stocked cart. This was followed by some beautifully iced butterfly biscuits. The children had also made small posies of fresh flowers which were presented to the mothers as they left the school. The school and kitchen staff worked very hard to ensure that everyone had a great time and richly deserved their vote of thanks. According to the comments left by some of the participants, the event was “Awesome” and the food got a “Yum! Yum!”

Caterlink Kitchen Garden at St Marys Catholic Primary School
04 February 2013

Following Caterlink’s WSH foundations funding to support the school with their kitchen garden project they have written to say... I wanted to write and to thank Caterlink for our donation towards purchasing our chickens, equipment and feed. The chickens are a great success, our pupils love caring for them and collecting the eggs. They now have a greater understanding of animal welfare and the difference between battery chickens compared to free range chickens. Eggs produced are sold locally, and money raised is used to purchase chicken feed.

20 December 2012

I would like to tell you how pleased we are at Trevelyan with the team we have working under Sarah Wallace (Cook Supervisor) in our kitchen. The staff are always cheerful, positive and co-operative, they work well with the staff and pupils at the school. Christmas lunch this year was excellent. Food was delicious and appreciated by all. The queues moved very quickly due to the organisation of the catering staff who managed to serve 350 Christmas dinners in a very short space of time and all the time with a smile! I wish the team a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Liz Major Business Manager Trevelyan Middle School Wood Close Windsor SL4 3LL

Jojoe CrowCome

Jojoe Crow came for lunch to Braywood C of E first School on the 10th June and Homer First School on the 11th June. The children were all very excited to have him visit their school and help to serve their puddings. Many thanks to Anna and Debbie for helping Jo Joe around the playground and ensuring he did not fall over!



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