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11 July 2018

Congratulations to Lucia Bromley who entered Finishing Touches this year at LACA with her decorative cake and was rewarded a certificate of Merit.

11 July 2018

Congratulations to Greta Triegaardt for winning a Bronze for her decorative Cup Cakes in the LACA finishing Touches competition in Birmingham

Gospel Oak Fresh Herb Garden
29 June 2018

The kitchen made full use of the fresh herbs at lunchtime grown in the school garden

Taster Session at Fitzjohns
28 June 2018

Parents were invited to a taster session at Fitzjohns

Gospel Oak Royal Wedding Treats
19 May 2018

The team at Gospel Oak prepared Royal Treats for the pupils on Friday for the Royal Wedding lunch

Regents Prepare for the Royal Wedding
19 May 2018

Maxine prepares Royal Cups cakes for the students at Regents High

Primrose Hill Salad Bar Offer
08 May 2018

Todays salad bar choices prepared at site at Primrose Hill

New Secondary Concept
26 April 2018

A new secondary concept now being served in Schools for a healthy mid-morning break

Regents High celebrating St Patricks Day
16 March 2018

The catering team getting into the spirit of St Patricks Day

Pan Cake Delights
09 February 2018

The pupils at Hawley celebrated Pancake day with a selection of toppings

New Salad Bar Options at Gospel Oak
15 January 2018

A new salad bar range has been introduced at lunchtime at Gospel Oak with a selection of new salads

Christopher Hatton Christmas Treats
13 December 2017

The pupils at Christopher Hatton were served a selection of Christmas treats on there Christmas Day Lunch

Ginger Bread House Hawley
12 December 2017

Rose the unit manager produced a Christmas Gingerbread House to go with the Ginger bread served for the Christmas lunch

Christopher Hatton Ginger Bread House
11 December 2017

The Ginger Bread House made by the catering team at Christopher Hatton for the Christmas Lunch

Parents invited to the the Caterlink Taster Session at Torriano Juniors
12 October 2017

Parents were invited after school to taste the food Caterlink provide to the pupils

Taster Session Torriano Infants
05 October 2017

A taster session was held at for parents to try the current menu offered to the parents

Taster session Our Lady RC
04 October 2017

Aziz the unit manager prepared food with a number of the catering team from the current Autumn menu for parents and pupils to taste

St Josephs New Hydration Station
06 September 2017

St Josephs school welcome the new Hydration station at the school which has gone well with pupils

Hydration Station
13 July 2017

Introducing the New Hydration water station at Christopher Hatton School

Abacus Taster session
29 June 2017

Caterlink completed a Taster session at Abacus for parents that went well

Added Benefits St Albans Primary School
08 June 2017

Children at St Albans took part in Caterlink Added Benefits with Jamie White development chef for Caterlink

Torriano Infant Added Benefits
02 May 2017

Jamie White out Development Chef working with the pupils making fruit pizza and bread

Added Benefits Hawley Infants School
21 March 2017

Pupils at Hawley Primary learn about the fruit and vegetables used in preparing there lunch and makes bread with Development Chef Jamie White

All THe Best in your Retirement
18 March 2017

Patricia Hunter leave Caterlink after 23 years of working within School Meals in Camden. We wish Patricia all the best in her retirement

St Patricks Day Regents High
17 March 2017

Luigi and the catering team at Regents high dressed the counters for the St Patricks day celebrations

Terri Carpenter
02 March 2017

Terri Carpenter with all the regional finalist for School Chef of the Year

Secondary Grab and Go Offer
23 February 2017

Caterlink have introduced a new Grab & Go Offer within the secondary sector

Chinese Day at Torriano Infant School
26 January 2017

Staffed dressed up for the Chinese Special Day to celebrate Chinese New Year

Terri Carpenter
10 January 2017

Terri Carpenter form Torriano Infant school has won regional LACA School Chef of the Year and has gone through to the final which takes place in March.

Christ Church CE Primary School Christmas Lunch
16 December 2016

The Catering team at Christ Church CE Primary School getting into the spirit of Christmas for the school Christmas Lunch

Acland Burghley Celebration of Black history month
18 October 2016

Some delicious Caribbean and African food on offer Acland Burghley Celebration of Black history month

St Marys Kilburn Parent Taster
05 October 2016

St Marys Kilburn parent taster session was well attended with Anesta and her team providing a selection of home cooked dishes, and beetroot bread.

St Eugene de Mazenod School Parent Taster
28 September 2016

Reception Parents at St Eugene school enjoyed some tasty food samples prepare by Rashid and his team

Parent Taster at St Michaels School
28 September 2016


Farewell to Emma
15 September 2016

Caterlink said farewell to Emma Osman this week, sad to see her leave after so many years excellent service

Acland Burghley Go Italian
15 September 2016

the Team at Acland Burghley put on a fabulous Italian lunch for the staff and students today

Jenny Fay - Area Manager joins the Team
16 August 2016

Caterlink Camden Team welcomed a new Area Manager on board, Jenny Fay. Jenny has a wealth of experience in Education catering, Retail and B&I business.

Autumn 2016 Menu
18 July 2016

Please see attached the primary school menu for the Autumn Term

Secondary Schools Menu : Autumn 2016
18 July 2016

The secondary school menu for the Autumn term. Theme days and events to be advertised locally.

Torriano Infants 4th July
04 July 2016

The team at Torriano Infants dress up to help the pupils celebrate USA independence Day 4th July

Camden Reward & Recognition Night
01 July 2016

Congratulations to Lisa Mullaney & Rosa Aquilina from St Lukes on receiving their outstanding performance award at the Camden Awards night. Well deserved ladies.

Camden Reward & Recognition Night
01 July 2016

The lovely ladies from St Albans collecting their award from Neil Fuller & Penny Richards. This award was sponsored by IMS who presented the ladies with vouchers and a hamper, thanks to Christian Raggio for the sponsorship. Congratulations Salwa & Team!

Camden Reward & Recognition Night
01 July 2016

Erica Dixon and the team from Christopher Hatton collecting their award from Neil Fuller and Penny Richards, sponsered by Qube Catering. Thanks for all your hard work ladies.

Camden Reward & Recognition Night
01 July 2016

Astrid Herdman receiving her award from Neil Fuller and Viktoria Antek for outstanding performance on the relief team.

Camden Reward & Recognition Night
01 July 2016

Denise and Dorothy from St Aloysius Infants School collecting their well earned award from Neil Fuller

Camden Reward & Recognition Night
01 July 2016

Teri & Agnes from Torriano Infants School collect their award from Neil Fuller on behalf of the team. Congratulations!

Camden Reward & Recognition Night
01 July 2016

Teri & Agnes from Torriano Infants School collect their award from Neil Fuller on behalf of the team. Congratulations!

Camden Reward & Recognition Night
01 July 2016

Cherifa Ensser and team collecting their award from Neil Fuller.

Camden Reward & Recognition Night
01 July 2016

Claire Antoine collects her Rising Star Award!

Camden Reward & Recognition Night
01 July 2016

The Team at Argyle receiving the award for Customer & client satisfaction, at the 2016 Caterlink Awards event.

St Albans Day Classroom Picnic
20 June 2016

The planned teddy bears picnic to celebrate St Albans Day became a carpet picnic due to the Great British weather!! The children still really enjoyed themselves and Salwa & the team did themselves really proud.

Queens Birthday Celebrations at St Albans School
09 June 2016

Salwa & the Team did really well providing a delicious meal to celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday.

Teri Carpenter collecting her CPD award from LACA
21 April 2016

Congratulations to Teri from Torriano Infants School for completing the Caterlink Professional Development training with LACA. We are all very proud of you, well done!

CPD Award from LACA
20 April 2016

Marlon Cover did Caterlink and Argyle School very proud when he collected his CPD Award from Sharon Hodgson MP at the LACA training events at Brakes Covent Garden

Pupils showcase their homegrown veggies & herbs at Argyle School
19 April 2016

The green fingered students in City centre Argyle School have been very busy in their school garden. They have chosen to grow a wonderfully wide selection of tasty produce which they showcased at the school with the help of our lovely chef Marlon Cover.

Argyle win Spring Term Customer & Client Satisfaction Award
19 April 2016

Marlon Cover and the lovely catering ladies at Argyle School were the deserved winners for Caterlink customer & client satisfaction award. Well done to you all! Thanks for your hard work.

Inga from Holy Trinity Cof E School scoops Financial Awareness Award
19 April 2016

Inga, the chef manager at Holy Trinity in Finchley has received the spring term certificate for financial awareness. Well done Inga. The category winners of each term will go forward to the end of year awards ceremony... Watch this space!

International Day at Torriano Infants School
19 April 2016

Well done Teri & team for the superb display and food you provided for the staff and students at Torriano Infants School to celebrate International Day. A variety of international cuisine was on offer and the dining hall and staff were decorated accordingly! Thanks Ladies.

Welcome Chef Ryan!
19 April 2016

Ryan Stores has joined the Caterlink Area team as Development Chef Manager and has already met many of you. He will be out in the business supporting the catering teams, developing the catering offer and meeting the pupils. Chef Ryan will be out in schools cooking with the pupils, delivering "foodie" assemblies and holding taste and sensory lessons! Lots to look forward to!

Taster Session at St Marys Kilburn
17 March 2016

Taster session at St Marys Kilburn 17th March: this is to become a termly event in this school to promote our healthy food. Thank you to Ingrid and Patricia for their efforts.

Quirky Bird Launch at Regents High School
16 March 2016

The Quirky Bird initiative was launched at Regents High School this week, flavoured chicken, potato wedges,spiced rice, onion rings, vegetable slaws, spicy salsas, garlic bread...! Lots of choice. Lots of Flavour. Thanks to Gerald & team for your hard work and fantastic food.

Rosary Taster Session
15 March 2016

Another successful taster session held at Rosary primary school on Tuesday 15th March. Well done to Linda and Trish.

Chinese New Year at Torriano Infants School
23 February 2016

Staff and Pupils celebrated the Chinese New Year, at Torriano Infants School. the year of the Monkey

Chef Jamie at Netley school
02 February 2016

2HC won a bread making workshop this week, as they had the best attendance in KS1 since September. Jamie, the development chef from Caterlink came in to school to teach the children how to make bread dough and shape it. He then baked it so the children could bring their bread home. Jamie was particularly impressed with Lucy’s plait she made by herself! Now the children can teach you how to make your own bread at home!

St Josephs Partent Taster Session
27 January 2016

All set up and ready for the Parent Food Taster session at St Josephs School

Jo Jo Crow and Murdock the Cat visit Primrose Hill School
13 November 2015

Jo Jo Crow and Murdock the cat visited Primrose Hill primary school to promote fish along with the Marine Stewardship Council

Jo Jo and Murdock meet the children
13 November 2015

Jo Jo Crow and Murdock the Cat meet the children at Primrose Hill School encouraging them to eat fish, Salmon and Cod were prepared in tasty tomato and cream sauces for all to sample

Children at Primrose Hill enjoying Fish
13 November 2015

Children at Primrose Hill tucking into a tasty fish lunch, hosted by Caterlink and the Marine Stewardship council

Black History Day at Fleet
12 November 2015

On Thursday 12th October Fleet Primary celebrated by introducing staff and children to Black history month. The Chef Manager Gladys and her team Feza & Rosemary dressed for the occasion in their traditional African dress.and cooked up a storm with a menu of Jaloff rice & chicken, Fried plantain, Quorn style Jaloff Rice, African style dumplings. The Children and staff enjoyed eating their lunch to the sounds of African song and the even did a few moves whilst waiting queuing up for their lunches. A great day was had by all. Well done to Gladys and her team

Acland Burghley Diwali Celebrations
11 November 2015

Cherifa and her team at Acland Burghley really turned on the style to celebrate Diwali

Acland Burghley turn it on with Salads
11 November 2015

Acland BUrghley really hit the heights providing a very tasty selection of salads to help celebrate Diwali

Marlon Cover from Argyle attends a LACA training event
10 November 2015

Marlon Cover our manager at Argyle School gives feedback of a fabulous day with the Association. He is now bubbling with ideas to take back to his school.

Terri Carpenter at a LACA event
10 November 2015

Terri Carpenter attending the LACA event in Covent Garden. Terri very much enjoyed the day and is forging ahead with ideas to introduce to her school.

Acland Burghley Street Cooking extravaganza
12 October 2015

Jamie Caterlinks development chef dropped into Acland Burghley yesterday and wowed the students with street food. It was a roaring success

Taster Day at Our Ladys School
23 September 2015

Aziz and his team out on a superb taster session at Our Ladys school The food was well received and it was very tasty too

Taster Menu at Our Ladys
23 September 2015

The tasty menu from Aziz at Our Ladys primary school

Eleanor Palmer turn on the style for their taster day
23 September 2015

The team at Eleanor Palmer served up a super feast for pupils and parents alike. All lead to a very positive feedback and a successful taster day

Talk Like a Pirate Day - Kentish Town School
17 September 2015

The Team at Kentish Town were serving up a pirate feast today with a banquet fit for a mutinous gang of ravenous pirates

Gospel Oak Talking like Pirates
17 September 2015

The crew at Gospel Oak served up a tasty pirate treat, Shiver me timbers

Primrose Hill Get Fruity
08 September 2015

Primrose Hill get fruit with a tasty refreshing fruit platter

Primrose Hill turn on the style
07 September 2015

Primrose Hill School have started the new term with a bang, with a new menu the children and staff are making the most of Margarets cuisine.

Taster Day at Kentish Town
04 September 2015

The new term starts with a Taster day at kentish Town School. With support from IMS butchers and Four Degrees C Saul the catering manager put on a wonderful feast

Teddy Bears Picnic Menu
13 July 2015

Camden Schools ran a very successful Teddy Bears picnic day to mark the end of term. Plenty of Teddy bears took part and the children enjoyed it to.

Primrose Hill set out a Teddy Bears Picnic
13 July 2015

Primrose Hill put on a picnic for the children of Primrose Hill, The weather kept the children in as it was showery, They all enjoyed the food though.

Camden Catering Awards Night
26 June 2015

Please look under Menus and Food for the press release.

Managers Training Day
27 May 2015

A group of Camdens finest Catering Managers gathered together for a first class training day which covered Finance, Team building and customer service. great feedback and there was never a more enthusiastic team. Well done to the trainers Kevin and Sharon for delivering the course.

Discover Spinach Day in Camden
12 May 2015

Caterlink held a Spinach discovery day in its Camden Schools. Here is just a mouthwatering taster of the sumptuous offering at the Rosary

Discover Spinach Day in Camden
12 May 2015

The sweet offering is Spinach Sponge, It was very very tasty and well received by the children and Adults alike. Certainly unusual but very moorish!!!

Discovery day at St. Josephs School
12 May 2015

The delights of spinach. Children at St Josephs were treated to a spinach discovery day. The Spinach Sponge cake was particularly popular. This goes to show how versatile spinach can be and how it can be incorporated into a menu successfully.

Parent Taster Day at St George the Martyr
06 May 2015

The team at St George the Martyr turning on the style for a parents taster session. The food was met with a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyed by all.

Kevin Cover attends the LACA London & South East cooks training
21 April 2015

Kevin Cover of Netley School Receiving his LACA London & SE Training Certificate for attending the Managing Marketing & Communications Course Presented by Carrie Anne Marie Bishop - National Chair Roger Denton - London & SE Chair

A Sweet Treat for Parents at Acland Burgley
19 March 2015

A pleasant choice was provided for prospective parents at Acland Burgley this week. A great time was had by all and the "feed back was sweet"

Chinese New Year at Abacus Nursery
27 February 2015

The Children at Abacus, Belsize Primary School celebrating Chinese New Year

St Albans Taster Day
26 February 2015

St Albans School put out a selection of fine foods to introduce the children to ew exciting and exotic tastes. A scrumptious time was had by all.

Cherifa and her team turn on the style at Acland Burghley
29 January 2015

Cherifa and her team turned on the style at Acland Burgley providing the school with a sumptuous feast. Here is a selection of mouth watering sweets offered to some very satisfied clients. Other treats included Beef Lasagne Spinach and Mushroom Lasagne,Garlic Bread, Chips, Greek Salad, Red&White Coleslaw.

Maria Fidelis Tickles the Taste buds with an Indian extravaganza
15 January 2015

Rob and his team at Maria Fidelis pushed out the boat for the students and staff, offering a tasty traditional Indian menu. A tasty time was experienced by all.

A Swiss Cottage Christmas Grotto
17 December 2014

I wonder where Santa could be?

St Dominics do Christmas Lunch
17 December 2014

A message from the head teacher Christmas lunch went very well, Zeby and the team did a fantastic job and everyone really enjoyed it.

St Silas Christmas Team
17 December 2014


The ladies at Rhyl serve up a festive feast
17 December 2014


St Aloysius RC Junior
17 December 2014

The Ladies at St Aloysius RC Junior School entering into the Christmas spirit.

The Team at Eleanor Palmer turn on the Christmas spirit
17 December 2014


Cordel serves up a slice of Christmas cheer
17 December 2014


A festive scene for a festive banquet at Rhyl
17 December 2014


The ladies at Rhyl prepare for several hundred hungry children
17 December 2014


CCFL presents probably the best biscuits in Camden!!
16 December 2014


Nessa and her team having some festive fun at Christ Church NW1
16 December 2014

Nessa and her team turned on the style for her customers at Christ Church where a traditional fayre was sumptuously served with the addition of some cracking Christmas Crackers!!

The Team at Beckford Spread a little Christmas cheer
15 December 2014


Kentish Town School get prepared!
11 December 2014

Saul and his team are getting prepared for a successful Christmas Lunch at Kentish Town. Saul reported a great meal with all children and teachers well filled with Christmas cheer.

Gospel Oak Christmas Lunch
11 December 2014

The team at Gospel Oak take a breather in between services, 500 satisfied children and staff enjoyed a fabulous Christmas Lunch served up by Khalid, Antonio and the staff. Jackie, Mandy and Dawn brace themselves for round three!

Denise spreads some seasonal cheer with a Ho Ho Ho!
11 December 2014

St. Aloysius Christmas lunch day

Maria Fidelis Lower School
10 December 2014

Maria Fidelis Lower school celebrated Christmas in fine style today with Al and his team serving up a sumptuous Christmas lunch

Maria Fidelis Christmas Lunch at Lower School
10 December 2014

Al and his team contribute towards the "five a day"

New End School Tries out its new serving dishes
27 November 2014

Joe and his team at New End School, Hampstead turn on the style with their new serving dishes, with the assistance of Nick Weight our Senior Chef Trainer

New End Salad Offer
27 November 2014

Joe and his team turn on the style with their salad bar,

Kevin Cover attends the LACA London & South East cooks training
19 November 2014

Kevin Cover our manager at Netley School attends a chef training day

Halloween comes early to Acland Burghley
22 October 2014

Acland Burghley pupils where treated to a spooky time this week, the school comments They look great and its clear that a huge amount of effort has gone into them. Im sure the kids really appreciate them.

Celebrating St Patricks Day Kentish Town
17 March 2014

Its great we celebrate other celebration days, St Georges Day Next. Wendy, Head MTS at Kentish Town School.

Celebrating St Patricks Day at Regents High
17 March 2014

Delicious Irish Fair was on offer today across the schools in Camden, Regent High celebrated in style with the staff getting into the sprit of St Patricks day

Chinese New Year Celebrations at Fleet Primary School
31 January 2014

From the picture to the left, you can see Gladys our chef manager along with team members Feza and Lara within Fleet Primary School also showed their dedication for the occasion of Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Theme Day at Parliament Hill School
30 January 2014

Today the girls were treated to a Chinese theme day to celebrate New Year The menu Gunpowder chicken with egg fried rice Vegetable chow mein with noodles served with Vegetable spring rolls Sticky chicken wings Banana fritters with vanilla ice cream

Cupcake Sales to support Anti Bullying
26 January 2014

Hampstead put on a cake sale with the result of orders for 300 cupcakes for the anti-bullying campaign within Hampstead secondary

Best of British
23 January 2014

Students at Parliament Hill were treated to a best of British day today, more girls came in for lunch to enjoy the experiences including bangers and mash

Christmas at St Dominics
20 December 2013

Thank you to all staff concerned with providing the Christmas Lunch, they did a great job. The speed of service was tremendous and all was complete within the usual time. Very impressive. Picture of Zeb and his team at St Dominics below

Fruity Christmas at Edith Neville
18 December 2013

Kamal at Edith Neville made a fruit gateau for the teachers Christmas Lunch

Camden goes GOLD
05 December 2013

Caterlink is delighted to announce that we been awarded the Soil Associations Food For Life Catering Mark at Gold Status for the school meals provided in the London Boroughs of Camden and Islington. Neil Fuller, Caterlinks Managing Director commented We are delighted that our commitment to serving fresh, local and organic food has been recognised by the Gold Food for Life Catering Mark. This achievement demonstrates our commitment to supporting sustainable and organic systems, as a way of significantly reducing our environmental footprint. We hope our customers will enjoy their meals all the more knowing that we use a range of ingredients produced in the UK, as well as some organic produce. Rob Sexton, Chief Executive of Soil Association Certification, says: The Gold Catering Mark is a fantastic achievement on this scale so it is brilliant to see Caterlink gaining recognition for serving great fresh meals made with seasonal, local and organic ingredients. Serving menus to Gold Catering Mark standards can significantly reduce carbon emissions and supports local businesses so this is a win-win for planet-friendly food and the local economy. Caterlink is leading the way in the drive to improve food culture in the UK.

Theme day at Parliament Hill
10 November 2013

Pictured are some of the team based at Parliament Hill secondary school who made USA Theme day a great success.

Client exec luncheon at Camden Town Hall
05 November 2013

Pictured you can see Robin Michael & Sarah, who produced the Client exec luncheon within Camden Town Hall Pictured is the delightful range of food that was prepared and served by our team to clients of various boroughs within London

Supporting Macmillian Coffee Morning in Camden
31 October 2013

This term Macmillan Coffee Morning took place across the borough within the Secondary schools in remembrance of Mary Dooley

Taster Session at St Michaels Primary School
20 October 2013

Pictured here is Aziz our Cook with Lauren who facilitated our taster session within St Michaels Primary School Here you can see the beautifully prepared food which was served to the parents within the school.

Black History Month at Fleet
17 October 2013

Black History Month took place in October 2013. From the picture you can see Gladys our chef manger and staff combining the Afro Caribbean menu with traditional dress for the occasion. As you can see from the dish photographed the lunch service was full of culinary delights which received great feedback from the school.

JoJoe Crow visited Emanuel Primary School.
15 October 2013

JoJoe also assisted in serving the children at the lunch counter as a one of to promote the lovely meals being produced.

Emmanuel School
02 October 2013

Children at Emmanuel where treated to a surprise visit from JoJoe Crow on Monday 30 September, JoJoe helped serve on the salad bar to see what healthy items the children choose and was rewarded with a group hug.

British Organic Milk in Camden
19 September 2013

From this September we are enhancing our commitment by providing our school cooks with British Organic Milk to use in cooking in their primary school kitchens’. Naturally, I trust that our schools & pupils/parents see this positive benefit to our food sourcing.

Friday fish day at Hampstead Secondary School
10 July 2013

Through popular demand we have started to prepare freshly cooked battered fish within the Camden Borough. This is been trialed within Hampstead Secondary School and will subsequently be rolled out to other secondary schools within the borough based on the feedback received. The feedback that has been received so far is very positive and we are hoping to introduce the freshly prepared battered fish into other secondary schools within the Borough from next term onwards.

4th of July at Parliament Hill
04 July 2013

American Day was produced and served and received with great enthusiasm within Parliament Hill Secondary school. The staff took great pleasure in also attempting the American way of speaking while serving typical American style dishes for all to enjoy. As usual the children took great pleasure in the dishes on offer on this special day.

Wimbledon hits Maria Fidelis
30 June 2013

Wimbledon Day was a great success within Maria Fidelis School Convent School. We received some really good feedback as the Catering Manager Lynn Freeman had made a great effort to prepare culinary sweet desserts within the theme of the day which was enjoyed by all.

Kitchen Garden
01 September 2012

Sam Choo our on site chef manager has used old pots, pans, bins, mayonnaise tubs and branches from a cut down tree to grow a herb and vegetable garden outside the kitchen. It has been blessed by the local priest and visited by the pupils at Our Ladys. All the plants have been grown from cuttings or seed with no pesticides used. Sam uses the herbs to garnish and flavour his food and is extremely proud of his achievements. The school said "Sam is an asset to the school, we are extremely proud that he is our chef, the children love him."

JoJoe Crow
01 September 2012

One of our local schools had a special visitor to officially open their school garden today, after receiving a cheque, to set up its own kitchen garden. The project will help educate pupils about the origins of fresh food and the benefits of growing your own fruit and vegetables. The donation from Caterlink’s charitable Foundation will go towards the construction of raised garden beds at the school. The School will be able to grow an array of fruit and vegetables and involve many more children, their parents and members of the local community in food related projects and learning. The kitchen garden will enhance the focus on fresh food already in place at the school through the work of Caterlink. Neil Fuller, Managing Director of Caterlink, said: “We are delighted to support the school through our Foundation’s Kitchen Garden project. By working closely with schools, we hope to have a positive impact in reinforcing the importance of fresh food and provenance to local children. This donation from WSH Foundation will go a long way to ensuring we can achieve this.”

Added Benefits Torriano Infans

Jamie White development chef for Caterlink completed a Added Benefits within Torriano Infants. The pupils made bread, ad fruit salad and also attended on healthy eating



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